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Left Behind and Lost To Hope.

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The Corruption lays a hand on her shoulder “left behind…never to be saved. They don’t care.” Weary had just watched XenTwo Blink the Heroes to safety, away from her and the Corruption behind her. She pushed up to her knees, one hand still over the sword wound in her side.  She wiped the blue blood from her lip, her hand shaking. “I know..” 

The Corruption. in a clone of Weary, lays her other hand on her other shoulder, lowering so her mouth was to Weary’s ear, saying softly “why would you fight me thus, than? You won’t win. You’ve been deserted…and no one cares. You put your faith in those Heroes, and look? The one moment your free, they leave you for me.” 

Weary takes a slow, deep breath. a single tear drops from her dull gold eyes but she doesn’t allow any more than the one. “doesn’t matter. I won’t stop fighting you. As long as I can, I will…”

The Corruption laughs softly than wraps her arms around Weary’s shoulders, pulling her back. Weary closes her gold eyes as she’s pulled back. The Corruption shifts and merges with Weary and when her eyes open, they are black once more…

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