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Let me out.
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Pre Void Catastrophe.

Name: Inara Decross

Age: 16

Race: Animallication Cat variant
Homeworld: Animallica Space Colony.

Inara and her sister twin named Zyfa were born to a Nurse mother and a Father who worked with space technology.

While her sister was always fascinated with magic from Hellifyno Inara had always enjoyed tech. Magic always worried her. And growing up near the planet it always seemed like magic was involved with all the bad things happening there. She disliked her sister’s interest in magic and always worried Zyfa would get hurt. She herself would tinker and make little gadgets for fun But even in space you are not safe

Post Void Catastrophe.
Voif had consumed everything. The planet and most of the solar system. The space colony just out of the outskirts. There was large battle to be waged against the void and it ended with devastating results. The heroes one and used thier souls to revive the planet and rebuild. But in thier war many were hurt and others were lost. Stuck in a refuge ship that lost engine power as it was escaping the void Her father trying to hel with repaires but it was too late. She and her sister shoved into  a pod by thier mother and shot out into the empty ness. Somehow the were saved by the portalverse. And they ended up in there untill everything was done…then crashed in twine after the planet was remade and under construction. Inara promised to keep her twin sister safe. But they need to get supplies and money to live. Zyfa was asleep in the room they got. So Inara would seek supplies while she slept.

Current time
Location: Hellgate


How did she get here? That was not important now. Everything was blank. Dark. Painfull. Air…where was the air..she could not breath. Black ooze along her mouth. It all rushed back and her body convulsed. Her face purple. Gagging at the black…thing that invaded her body. Her broken ribs only added to the pain.  No child could withstand this. She was only sixteen. If only she could scream but she could not. Nothing but silence as each spasm of her body caused more and more pain. Was she going to die? No..Worse…she knew what was coming. She was going to be a pet to Ruby.

It only got worse. Her claws tore at her own throat trying to get the black ooze out of her. It was in her belly now. And now that it was no longer blocking her breath she took a large gasp of air only to let out a banshee like screech in pain.  She could feel her mind about to break. But she had to bare it. She had to make sure Zyfa was going to be safe. She promised. She had to keep her promise to her sister. That was it that was her focus now. Even as tears ran down her face and she screamed  till her face went purple. Her eyes feeling like they would simply force themselves out of her skull. Her glasses fell to the ground were shattered as she slammed her fist into the ground atop them. Zyfa….Zyfa…Protect Zyfa…That was the only thing she woul;d repeat in her mind over and over to keep her distracted from her body ripping apart.  Her hair now turned white. Her bones cracking and muscle ripping as she was being ripped apart and rebuilt from inside out. Her claws grew longer and Her eyes blood red The pain started to slowly be replaced with rage.. Her screams of pain into growls of hatred. The many denizens of Hellgate by now have gathered around the child watching her change. Some wanted to eat her others wanted to see what she would become. But they soon were assaulted with with an ear shattering scream that caused them all to  falter and soon for now reason start killing themselves and each other.

At the center of the chaos she stood there. No longer the person she once was with a wide eyed stare . The bloodshed around her fueled by her own anger and hate causing the crowd to tunr on themselves and each other. And she simply stood there..blood on her face that she would wipe off.
“Let me out..” Were her only words and a hellgate portal would open to allow her to leave.




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