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Letting Go

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Rain tapped the window glass softly, as a gentle rumble of thunder echoed through the large room. The rumbled caused Luke to stir, his eyes half opening, quickly adjusting to the darkness around him. He sat up, rubbing the back of his neck, rolling his head to the side, cracking the bones, releasing some build up tension. Luke froze, as he was suddenly aware of the steady pulse that was beside him, and the warmth that clung to his side. Luke instinctively went to pull away, but he paused, and instead he turned his attention fully to the body that lay beside him. She was beautiful, her raven colored hair was tied back, but a few strands of hair fell across her face. Her soft peach stained lips were parted, just barely, her breath came in slow and even. His shirt covered her small frame, and she had one leg swung over his, her body curled up against his cold flesh. Luke reached over, and brushed those few loose strands of hair from her face.

A smiled pulled at the vampires lips, and he laid back down beside her. His eyes closed slowly, the rain coupled with her heartbeat slowly lulling him to sleep.

And in that moment, that perfect moment, he forgot. He forgot about the hell of the last few years, forgot about the blinding pain from the loss of his coven, and most importantly, for the first night, his mind did not wander. Luke forgot about him. 

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  1. Cecilia di Sighisoara 8 years ago

    That’s my girl. 

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