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Life Story Of Edna Thornson {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 6: Part 6

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A Child is the product of love between two people, However Edna was different, born from a dragon egg to Jadia Thornson and Bone

When Edna was around 5, she began to train under Jadia in form two after forging the Blade Of Bones

Edna grew up under Jadia’s influence, working as a Book Oracle in her teens 

While working the Book Oracle Job, she meet Vozhad Chirstina..her future husband

She later would loose her mother to The Battle Of The Capital Boardwalk after her friend Kenize Red was turned into a bird

Sbe would dive into her families ancestry to find a cure for her best friend, while she held up a relationship with Vozhad and was his co-partner in a relationship and bussiness

Evenutally having her two children, Amara Chirstina and Angela Thornson

Edna evenutally meets her older Half-Sister, Sarah who was singer before she passed away

Her Firstborn took on manison, had a family after marriage, Angela would’ve done a similar thing but I still work as Book Oracle to this day


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