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Life Story Of Gene Van Belle {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 8:Part 2

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Gene Van Belle was born to his parents, Mr. and Ms. Van Belle to a prestigious witchcraft family in Merchants Village

Gene was more of Hunter for all the assassins for tried to take out the witches and wizards growing up

Gene evenutally graduated from the schools within Merchants Village and evenutally started going out with Issy Thornson

He would evenutally marry to Issy before his marriage, his son was born, Ice Dean Van Belle

Issy would give me Seasons Magic, before we went into the honeymoon and we took our son with us and it was most likely the best time of my life

After my son, my daughter would come, who we would name after my wife’s hero, her grandma Aubrie Thornson, Lizzy Aubrie Van Belle

He would assist with raising them and evenutally sent his son to military camp, that’s when everything started to go down hill

Gene would think that Issy died after she didn’t come home for weeks, he would ask his son to raise his sister, whilst he looked for any kind of closure

Gene would keep searching for the rest of his life till he passed away at the age of 97

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