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Life Story Of Ice Van Belle {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 6:Part 4

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Son Of Issy Thornson and Gene Van Belle, Ice was born on June 20th before his parents married this giving him..his father’s surname which is a cat’s first name

Ice had the same pigmentation genetics as his great grandmother Jasmine, like hair and eyes

Ice would craft his wizard’s staff at the age of Nine, calling it The Knights Cold

His father would have him sent to training camp where he meet a girl who became his future daugther’s mother, her name was //NAME CORRUPTED//

He later became the father of Bella Lucyrus at the time, however his wife at the time would then get murdered by an unknown enemy

He would evenutally lose track of his daughter because she ran away, he would search for days not eating or drinking some

So once the search party was called, he would do something honorable for his deceased wife he would adopt her adopted sister who’s parents who vanished..her name is Selenne Breezy now Selenne Van Belle

He would form a close bond to this child, keep her and live with his sister attempting to take his mother’s throne which was rightfully his..however his sister decided to challenge him for the throne for a few years till…

Post-Gemival War came..and he sought to protect his daughter and her son in-law, as we’ll as there unborn child..but he choose the wrong side of the fight.. because his son in-law was corrupted by the a realm goo

He would get to meet his granddaughter, Star Natalia Kit..who he promised to train in the ways of Witches and Wizards when she got to the age

Him and sister would continue to fight then, one day when Star was around the age of 12, April 31st..The Collaspe Of Nathan Valley would happen causing.. the old Merchants Village/Aurora Valley to reform into Jadia Bay and take the land mass

Nathan Valley would move and become Hopeswind, established by Ice’s second daughter Selenne Van Belle who said she wanted to take on a challenge with her old man till she remarried

During That Same Year, a few months would go by and before his birthday..he would adopt Kat now known as Kat Van Belle who he would setup with someone he made into his familiar because they tried force his firstborn into marriage..his name is Ryder

Both Of His Daughters would throw him two more birthdays, while he in secret began assisting Star with drawing up the plans for her time of rule of Hopeswind..he hoped she would bring the nation to what he always wanted and so much more..

On The Fateful Night Of July 5th, he would be assassinated..the same day he had completed Star’s training..this is where his story would close…or is it?

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