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Life Story Of Ilona Singetail [Unraveling Legacy Arc] Chapter 5:Part 7

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A/N:All Respects go to the Orginal Writer for allowing me to post this

Long ago on September 14th, Two girls were born, one of them was Ilona Raiga Singetail 

Both of them had two parents by the name of River and Brooke Singetail

As the years went by, Ilona evenutally lost her twin sister to a tragic crash

That would shake the foundation of there family, causing her mother and father to try and get her a younger brother. But they had to move back in with her Aunt Raven

Evenutally during her mother’s pregnancy, Ilona got Chicken Pox..she beat it but her Aunt would posion her evenutally leading to her first death at the Age 6 however her death was blamed on the Chicken Pox

Ilona would evenutally come back, after her father helped her through the Spiritual Trials..soon the family would reuntie all together in one house which is now known as the Blake Hotel

Now the years going after, they were uneventful till one year where I got pregnant with my daughter too early because of a Voilette person.. Dean Vasmen

I couldn’t live, so I lost the will to live however the baby lived to be taken by her half sister Sarah Singetail-Thornson

She named it Cassindra Raiga Singetail-Thornson, which my daughter took on my Amniski Ring and was trained under someone

Decades went by, I evenutally came back around a month after Sarah passed because my daughter and her wife’s brother inn-law relived me

Now I’m married to Martha who took my surname and assisted with helping me adopted 3 kids, Alexander Blake Singetail, Thunder Blake Singetail and Mary Raiga Singetail..I also run an adoption center

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