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Life Story Of Jill Xanderson [Unraveling Legacy Arc] Chapter 8:Part 5

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Jill doesn’t remember a lot before Project Vengeance, when she became someone else because she was a reward to someone who helped Stacy Bloodfang out

That Man became my first and only husband, Albert Wesker, Sr. He and I were gifted with Unity and Albert Jr Wesker 

Me and Him began Project Soulmate trying to create powerful grandchildren, however then our worlds’ version of 9/11 happened

Shaking the very foundation of Vightivia Drop, the home that a bandit camp once stood, With the loss of Stacy, no one wanted to stay so Albert went somewhere.. however I stayed put in that Village for many months to keep Shannon and Gold safe from Ruby’s reign

When we began to take back Vightivia Drop, Albert Sr had changed to someone I didn’t even know, he wasn’t the man I loved so I filed a dirvoce and child custody, getting 50/50 and I became Jill Xanderson and discontinued Project Soulmate

I discovered that my former identify, was biogically, my mother, Hannah Blazethorne, Apart Of The Bandit Camp which stood on the ground Vightivia Drop

Then I learned of my father, Gerald Samuel Xanderson, one of the old family doctors within the Capital Of Cadenziera, his family served the Skymoons for decades

I questioned my Ex-Husband regarding the matter, it was very surreal to learn that he had forcibly made my mother into me

Overtime I would watch my daughter turn her ex’s into mindless freaks, I laughed at the matter, I guess I could say that Project Soulmate was still happening

My Life went quiet even though I would fight in the war by this point, till 10/16, when the Empresses’ Daughter surrender and I took her in as my own, naming her Morako Geraldine Xanderson instead of Chloe Voilette

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