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Life Story Of Mia Pinkadow [Unraveling Legacy Arc] Chapter 5:Part 6

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Long ago, a nature lover was born to the Krite Family as Mia Cynthia Krite.

She would make her entire nursery into a literal garden, her parents were Ari & Rosalina Krite

However Mia have an amazing training years with her grandmother, Alexandria Vailson..weaponizing her magic

Mia would meet her best friend when she hit her teens, she would attempt to convince him not to be his father’s apprentice to run away with her and find his slibbings

Of Course between all of that, they would get married on August 19th 20XX

However he wouldn’t end his dark path, even when they settled down to have Netty Coulia Pinkadow  however she would pass of a miscarriage

Then they tried to have another child, getting Natalie Jessica Pinkadow

It would be six years of quietness and happinesses, till my father Inn-law came to take my life with success

However I would be chained as his puppet till I was saved by my husband in the Post-Gemival War

I would find out that my daughter grew up all the way, and had a child Jessica Mia Pinkadow

i would get two more grand kids, Andy Haze Pinkadow & Anya Hazel Pinkadow

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