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Light of Day

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Allegra woke up when she felt the cold cave air caressing her back. Opening her eyes, she realized Jack was no longer there to keep her warm. She must have more tired then she realized to have out slept him and not noticed when he got up…. or he was the most stealthy mother fucker alive, she wouldn’t rule that out after seeing all the footage of him in action last night.

Sitting up in bed, Allegra ran her hands through the messy strands of her dark hair. “Oh man, just… what the fuck, universe? I am not asking for easy, I just would be really grateful if you stopped making it a non-stop prison fuck. Please.”

Getting up, Allegra went into her bathroom, stripping as she went and then just tossing her clothes behind her on the floor. That whole ‘messy room, messy work’ crap they fed her in the system was clearly bullshit, so… she was going to try being a normal, human level of messy. Turning the shower to hot, she removed her bandages and studied the wounds. The gash on her side from the bandits was coming along nicely, if it hadn’t been for all the stitches she had popped the other day, it would be mostly healed by now. As it stood, it was an angry red line slashed across honey caramel skin and then the well scabbed over area right below her left rib cage, the deepest area that the knife had first caught her.

Now for the real horror show, Allegra thought with a wince, pulling away the gauze over her collarbone. “Oh, that stupid motherfucker!” She exclaimed as she saw the wound.

It was as bad, maybe even worse, than it had felt. This would be a nasty scar, even for her healing and regeneration capabilities, her vanity wished he’d bitten her somewhere less visible. Her only scar that would be worse than this one was the mark Perdition had left on her left ankle and calf. It was an odd wound since the Seraph hadn’t just bit her, he had ripped flesh away like one might do from a chicken leg. For a moment, Allegra had literally been a chew toy for a monster. What the fuck were the Seraphs playing at? She didn’t know yet, but they could bet their ugly ass that she would find out.

Easy there, supergirl, you better get your own shit right before you go off and make more problems for yourself.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m working on it.” She murmured out loud to herself. Taking a deep breath, Allegra got into the shower. The moment the hot water hit the raw, healing flesh of the bite wound, she screamed and had to brace herself against the wall. The string of swearing that flowed from her lips for a good two minutes would have made a pirate of old blush and tell her that she needed their jesus.

With shaking hands, she took the soft cloth and carefully, with the lightest of touches possible, cleaned away some of the clotted and dead flesh. It bled, running down her naked body in tiny red rivers before disappearing down the drain. This process was painful and she missed the guild medbay where they had all the latest in medical advances which would first make them blissfully numb then excise away the dead tissue in order to speed up their Construct healing abilities. Do that every day and healing time on truly bad wounds could be healed at doubled or more rate. It worked, it worked well, but doing it the old fashioned way hurt like bitch.

Finishing up the rest of morning routine, she quickly got out of the shower and dried off. The bite wound looked better now that the scabs and dead flesh had come off. Slightly smaller, less jagged and torn from where the Seraph had ripped her meat away, but it was still raw, painful and weaping blood. She’d have to go get gauze and tape from the supply closet.

Grabbing clean jeans, and a black long sleeved shirt with a high boat neck to keep anyone who saw her in the halls from freaking out at the sight of blood, Allegra grabbed her boots and headed out for the day. She wandered down the hallways and stone steps till she reached the storage room. Grabbing the gauze and tape, she stripped off her shirt and performed a mediocre field dressing on it, it was sufficient. Jack’s protege could do better but she’d spare him the blushing for now. She picked up her shirt and frowned as she saw just how bloody it had gotten, it didn’t show up red on the black fabric, but the entire side of the shirt from collar to about an inch down her chest was soaked. Ok then, that shirt was going to the laundry and she’d just wear her red athletic bra for the day, she didn’t want the feeling of fabric rubbing on her wounds anyway.

Allegra wasn’t sure where Jack was and as much as she wanted to go find him…. he might need this time and space to think and feel without an audience. Allegra hoped that he’d come find her if he needed to or wanted to. The only problem was that she had no idea what to do now. If she was back in the Guild House, she’d be expected to spend her days training and coaching or running out on missions. If she was back on Earth in the wilderness, she would have just been trying to survive and kill Seraphs. She supposed she could just go out and find something that needed killing and kill it, but she didn’t know the area and even though she was highly skilled at orienting and mapping terrain, Allegra thought Jack might be upset and worried if she just took off. That was a new feeling. That someone might actually worry about her.

So what should she do now? After thinking for a long moment, she went to find Rick. This was his colony after all, surely he’d know something that she could do to make herself useful. It didn’t take her long to find him as he was talking his men near the entrance of the tunnels that sheltered Haven. He seemed surprised when she asked him what she could do to be useful.

“I’m almost tempted to send you out on patrol….” He pursed his lips and looked her over. “But I think you need a day or so more to heal up. Hmmm…well, if you are interested and have any sort of mechanical skills, we’re short handed over there today since we lost a man or two yesterday and could sure use the help.”

Allegra shrugged, a small smile appearing on her full lips. “I know my way around an engine alright, yeah. If that’s what you need, I’m your girl.”

“Mhmm. Why do I get the feelin’ I’m about to let a fox into my hen house?” Rick told her, eyeing her suspiciously. “Just don’t upset Scotty too bad, he’s a bit tweaked from everything he’s been through and a mite bit particular about his maintenance bay, but damned if he aint one of the finest engineers to come out of DaVinci.”

“I’m sure we’ll get along just fine. No worries.” Allegra told him, doing her best to look innocent.

“Mmhmm… Come on , then, I’ll take you over there.”

The maintenance and repair bay was not actually a part of the cave system, it was nestled in between two large hills and had been built with concrete. It probably dated back to when this planet had first been colonized. Expertly camouflaged it was practically impossible to see from the air and a took a skilled eye to spot until you were practically in front of it. Rick made the introductions and while she could see what Rick had meant when he said that he was a bit tweaked, but she quickly could tell Rick really did have nothing to worry about because Scotty was her kind of people.

“I’m mad, you know.” Scotty said, completely serious as he shook her hand. “Totally and completely off my rocker. The chickens have flown the coop and Elvis has left the building.”

Allegra had just smiled at him, “I know the feeling, trust me.”

He seemed to find that response satisfactory and put her to work. She had enjoyed tinkering around with Dr. Fritz and one of his many projects had been making replica gas powered vehicles for Earth’s mid 20th century so she really did know her way around a maintenance bay. Between her actual skill and the fact that she could interface her personal music collection with the speakers in the shop, Scotty warmed up to her quickly. Working side by side with Scotty, who thought her Construct strength was the most useful thing ever, he entertained her with his wild stories and awful singing along to classic rock music. She was soon streaked with grease and grim, but laughing often and easily.

Allegra found herself thinking about Jack often, wondering how he was. She had told Rick to tell him where to find her if he asked, so until he either came looking for her or Scotty closed up shop, she’d stay and help. It was nice to feel like she was contributing in some way other then killing things and beating on people.


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  1. Jack Riley 4 years ago

    Striker watched her go and then slowly sat down again.  He had literally bit his tongue to keep from prattling her head off when it was clear she was tired and anxious to leave but he mind was racing.  


    He adored history.  It was the one degree he’d most wanted to get but didn’t because there was no work in it.  But he studied it a lot.  Particularly, the periods of cultural change.  Those moments in time that changed the direction of a specific group of people.  Not world-altering changes like the discovery of fire or invention of the wheel or electricity but those moments, like when the British colonists ventured out and discovered The New World and created a new country that became one of the greatest superpowers Earth ever had.  The Warring States period in China that united tribes that had never been united.  The Meiji Restoration that abolished a caste system and opened the doors to Western influence and progress.  The Civil Rights Movement.  The Gay Rights Movement.  The fall of the USSR.  Germanic tribes coming down from the North and picking apart the mightiest Empire Earth had known at the time (Rome).  


    These were moments in time, carried out by a select few, that changed the course of history for that group of people.  He thought he was going to be a part of something like that in Fleming.  They were trying to redirect the ideology of the constructs.  Fleming constructs were field medics.  They could perform triage in high pressure situations without becoming overwhelmed by stress or fear.  They could treat wounded on the field more quickly than humans could with less chance of getting hurt.  They weren’t just killing machines.  They were evolved humans helping humans.  


    I want to be a part of something like that.  And maybe … just maybe … Jack and Allegra, who are the last of their kind, can be the beginning of something incredible.  And if I could be by their side …


    He smiled.  Maybe we’ve learned to survive well enough again to be able to advance forward once more.


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