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Light, soul and cinnamon. (WIP)

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(So this is WIP, I will update this story, of course!)

Light, soul and cinnamon.

The cobblestone streets were echoing steps of a young boy. Christopher Page was in a rush. ‘Oh no! I am late again, Miss Sassy will be mad!’ – thoughts were rushing trough his head, as he neared the main building, where the discussions about the cloud were held. The people in the street looked back at the boy, as he nearly bumped into them. Holding his heavy bag in arms with multiple preparations for the event. After all, this did decide fate of the people. Stopping by the door, the boy breathed out heavily. Here goes nothing. The boy pushed the large decorated oak wood passage and walked in to the main hall. There was a guard, glancing at the fourteen year old male.

“Excuse me!” He asked breathing heavily, “Where can I find the science gathering?”

The guard slowly lifted his arm and pointed towards the main hall. The man guarding the room might have thought that it was a mere child, that one of the said scientists had to meet for unforeseen circumstances. He couldn’t be more wrong, as Christopher took out the small invitation.

You see, Christopher Page was one of those scientists. A child prodigy taken under wing by Sasuke Firemist herself. The doors to the hall opened, as he peeked in. “Very well. Now, before we begin, lets go around the table and introduce ourselves.” A redhead was leading the talks. The boy let out a sigh of relief. Looks like he hadn’t missed much! The boy glanced around, looking for his superior. “Hey, Sass!” A woman was speaking in the midst of it all. The gray eyes of Christopher glanced around, looking for Sasuke. Somewhat shy and ashamed, that he had entered, just as the meeting had started. Holding his bag in his had, he took off his hat with another.

“Hello, my name is Sasuke Alexanderia Firemist. I’m the newest trade lord in Persistence. This is my uncle!” the woman speaking was rising her hand to note the man siting next to him. On the other side was a reserved seat. “He is my second hand man.” Her uncle gave a wave toward everyone, before glancing at Sasuke, making her smile fade with discouragement.

A presentation was open on the walls, noting about the unpredictable nature of the cloud. A map of the area, where it had spread. Information of various failed attempts of monitoring the cloud were listed. The based observations have been deemed as insufficient. “I am Hissan.” A man spoke up, as the boy observed the room, slightly dazed.

“I’m Anthem., I’m sure most of you already know, who I am.” Another person, a woman spoke up, dressed in more exotic clothing than others, Giving an odd presence about her.

The whole ordeal was interrupted by a loud voice: “Greetings!” As boldly as imaginable, another woman spoke. Her character might strike as polar Opposite to Anthem, as she was dressed more appropriate for the name “Scientist”, however, that was highly contrasted with her motions. “And I, feeble minds, am the great profe…” her sentence was interrupted from her almost choking from the erratic introduction. She cleared her throat. “I am the great Professor Possibility! Mwahahahahahahaaaaah!” A laughter of insane proportions echoed trough the room. “But I am also called Possi for short.” As quickly as she had jumped up, the woman sat down.

“Great. More lunatics.” Sasuke’s uncle grunted with clear dissatisfaction, punching the bridge of his nose and lightly shaking his head.

“She seems fun though.” The woman smiled towards her uncle with a bittersweet undertone. By that time, Christopher used the Possibility’s loud introduction, to sneak past the scientists, and stand by the seat, that was reserved for him. The mad scientist’s rant did however stress out the boy. With quick words, he spoke to his superior. “Good day, miss Sassy. I am very sorry, that I am late!” Such was the name the boy called her, for she did introduce herself to him as such. The boy gave a quick bow towards Sasuke. “I had little run ins on my way here.”

The woman leaned towards Chris and gave out a light smile, whilst the boy was sitting down, taking off his jacket and scarf, placing them in his lap, after he sat down. “It’s alright, love, we’re going trough the introductions. It’ll be your turn shortly, so smile and say your name and occupation loud and clear! You can do that much.” She explained, as the boy nodded.

“Greetings! My name is Isabo Amethyst Hedrix and I am the trade lord of Persistence!” Another woman spoke with a confident smile.

“Oh. Okay.” The redhead replied to Possibility, the subject couldn’t wait as it was of pressing matter. She gave a glance towards Lily who didn’t introduce herself, and Sasuke, whose introduction she had slightly missed. Presumably because of the mad scientist’s rant. Christopher eyed the woman. Judging by the role, this must be none other than Kurai Yuki Kishimoto. The bright mind, that everyone has been talking about lately in the world of science. “So, today we plan to over to this could and see if we can figure out what makes it tick, and, perhaps, develop a counter measure to it. As you can see from these aerial shots, the phenomenon displaces, if not completely light partials. So normal means of analyzing or recording the phenomenon it result in this. Does anyone here have any ideas what this could is?” The woman spoke, to see if everyone had caught up with the subject thus far. The picture slide chanched accordingly to what she was saying.

Somewhat late to understand that introductions were over, Christopher still asked Sasuke this: “But…” Slight stutter broke his words, as he tried again. “But what is my occupation?

Helicopter sounds were heard outside, as Sasuke spoke: “Chris, the inventor for Sassy, or rather.” She paused for a moment, looking towards the boy with a fulfilling eye. “Persistence.”

It was not too long as a team with armed guards and scientists entered in a rather flashy manner into the scene. The room became rather crownded. “Sorry I’m late, the copter had trouble flying.” The man who spoke was a man named Zack, the leader of the small team. Despite the commotion being present, Lily Ann Black, a well known woman in these lands raised her arm and Kurai responded to her plea. “Yes, miss?”

Christopher had opened a small journal, writing down every possible detail that was present, making notes, and already planning ahead. Seismic and sound wave technology of recording could be presented, but first they had to manage a team that could carry the said device. Lily spoke. “I’m not one hundred percent what it is, but it reacts with the energies that govern most of your cities here.”

Sasuke’s uncle was quick to respond, as her kin, Sasuke, was also writing the details down. “Could it be with a new type of AM if it reacts to energies?”

“What energies? Like electricity?” The redhead questioned, looking at her artificial assistant, named EIRA which was recording the entire conversation thus far. “I don’t think Anti Magic displaces photons. Though that’s a good point, let’s put a pin in that.” She added the detail to the board.

“Aha!” Possibility shouted out loud and held up her finger in a most visible manner. “So if visible light does not work, and that is only one part of the electromagnetic spectrum, I wonder what other parts of the spectrum are affected by this cloud. What if the part that absorbs the light and only works on the surface? Di we gace reports of being able to see while inside the cloud? If so..” the professor scratched her chin. “The ways it interacts with radiation and any sort would be.” Paused for a moment. “Amazing.” Then the subject was switched, perhaps due to her crazy style. “As for the idea of it being AM? Anti Magic? I wouldn’t believe so. The idea of somethib absorbing visible light like this, but in gaseous form? That seems to fall, as far as I know, outside the realm of.” Her sentence was ended with a grin. “Outside the realm of possibility.”

The boy was writing like crazy, taking in every word like a sponge. Realms of possibilities. Knowing Hellifyno, possibilities were limitless, constantly deconstructed by the presence of magic. For now the boy was focusing on a different matter. A chance to learn even more about the cloud. Having deducted another possible theory, that might lead to new answers, the white-haired boy rose his hand. Something that most of the scientists had given up on doing.

It was now when Hissan finally spoke. “If one knew exactly what it was, we would probably not be having a meeting as this, would we?” His eyes turned towards Lily. “Most things react to energy. It just depends on what kind. What energy is mostly used in the cities of this planet? Is it common electricity or something different?” As any self respecting scientist, this man was also thinking multiple steps ahead, widening the field of hypothesis, that was slowly forming. “Do we have any sort of sample of said cloud? That would make things a lot simpler.”

“This is Hellifyno.” Sasuke’s uncle made himself known once more, as Sasuke was glancing into Christopher’s notes, before adding to her uncle’s statement: “Anything is possible here.”

The conversation had lightly heated, as Lily looked towards Hissan, responding. “Attempts have been made to take samples but as you see from the screen it changes its light and pattern as such, so observing it fully to analyze has proven to be a struggle.” She stated the simple fact.

As Lily had done response in Kurai’s place, the redhead looked towards Possibility and commented: “That is a good point too, professor. Let us make point to subject the cloud before being melted down. Organics tend to mutate in the cloud as well, so it is unknown if the inside will react uniformly to the outside.”

Isabo rubbed her eyes, as she stood, drinking her coffee, before addressing everyone in the room. “That death cloud is drawn to Negative, and if anything further proves this point…” She stated, rising a file on Kida and Andre’s fight.” this is what drew the cloud to them!” She stated passing the file around for everyone to grow acquainted to it. Christopher was still sitting patiently, afraid to be of nuisance, his hand raised up. But the more the talks went one, the more his arm lowered. The theory was too crazy to be true, but maybe it will help learn about actual clockworks of the entity.

“Issabo could brief those who don’t know about this, like myself, about what happened. I am not sure how many are up to speed with this.” Sasuke’s uncle added to the noise. The talks in the room were humming like bees. Never ending, nonstop. Most fo the phrases touched Christopher, as the boy had learned about the fight of Kida. Like every scientist should he came prepared. And even more so, he patiently waited, hoping that some order would come back to the room.

“There are other things we could observe, than simply the way light effects it. Even if moving a simple inch would change it, we can learn from that. We can study that. There is much information you can obtain from, even a no longer usable object.” Tired by the chaos, Hissan let out a slight sigh. “Then we have absolutely nothing? That is a shame. That means throwing out baseless speculations will just result in a waste of time.” He did have a point, as Lily’s eyes were g;acing over Kida and Andre’s file. It was then when Kurai’s addressed voice surprised Christopher. “Yes?”

The fear had taken over Christopher’s body, as slight shaking in his hands had begun, and with lighting speeds he introduced himself. “Christopher Page, inventor for Persistence!” his words became slower, as he presented his hypothesis, finally. “W-what if the disappearance of photons could be leading to a gravity like properties. Light does bend to gravity, as interstellar observations show. And the reports of prolonged screams within the cloud lead to think that this is possibly a magnetic anomaly, that has connection to electric wavelengths. This shares a similarity to a.” He paused, looking around to see, if he hadn’t made a fool of himself. “To a black hole.”

His words were overtaken by other scientists. Isabo was pressing her matter forth: “The cloud mutated and formed another cloud, to go to the fight. It is drawn to negative energy, fighting, blood sighed.” The woman let out a slight sigh, reminiscing. “this cloud started at Sprout, because of everything that happened there.”

Mean while Sasuke replied to Hissan: “But speculations can bring us closer to the truth in testing each theory out.” Her eyes turned towards the group, eyeing the talks and rambling. Couldn’t we tak an air sample from this cloud? I mean, it couldn’t be that hard to take an air sample, right?” It was then, when she noticed the boy speak. With proud eyes she looked upon the boy, who was standing, facing to prove his hypothesis.

“such an anomaly. Strange interactions with visible light and it seems to be interacting with negativity?” Possibility rubbed her hands together, taking in the information form the documents presented towards her. “Perhaps I could generically engineer a species of sentient rats that we could isolate to an artificially constructed island, and make them, so that they are extremely negative. Both in attitude and maybe even in terms of magnetic charge, if that is what you mean by that, madam.” being the seemingly mad professor that she was, she went on with more proposals, “And then we detonate a gamma ray bomb inside of it. Just to see what happens. I’ve always wanted to put one inside a real black hole, so if it has strange effects on gravity, like a black hole. That would be valuable data.” Her intentions were unclear on the last subject.

If it were such gravity, then the areas in which clouds reside would be destroyed,” Hissan presented a simple and straightforward observation towards Christopher, but to the boy’s surprise, he added. “However, your theory is the best sounding yet.” He went in deep thought.

“Formulating a hypothesis is important, Hissan, gives us a starting point rather than just going half cooked at this thing without a plan. That’s also the scientific method,” Kurai spoke, and then looked at Christopher, “That’s good, this thing could have a strong magnetic field and have a connection to singularity. But it’s also dranw to negative emotions.” it was then, when as a rare occasion, she updated her notes in her Omni-Tool.

Sasuke did comment, “soounds like we should boot my uncle out of this room, He’s filled with negativity.” Couple of scientists chuckled at her comment. “If only you weren’t my nice,” the man grumbled at the comment, visibly dissatisfied. Sasuke interrupted him, by saying: “Look at Chris! He looks like a scientist! Just so proud of him!”

Christopher rose his pen, and noted the comments that were spoken out, before fleshing out the theory. His voice had stabilized since he began speaking, sounding more confident and determined about this subject: “We can’t know for sure, but surely, if the property is similar, yet not with such forced gravitational impact towards outer entities, it could be, that the gracity pull begins just behind the event horizon. Maybe a mechanized scouting party would be of great assistance, to learn more about this anomaly?”

“Alright! So we have couple working ideas now. And Anthem, you’re going to submit a blood test.” Kurai spoke, as with almost mathematical precision in sense of time, a nurse came in, inviting the scion to follow her out of the room. “That might be important later,” the redhead said, and nodded towards the boy. “We can send a mechanized force, but I do most of my investigation on ground zero. So with your working idea, those who wish to see with your own two eyes, I have a fabricator on standby to create an environmental suit, so we can go see this thing.”

Isabo chuckled at Sasuke’s previous comment and spoke, “It’s drawing to fighting, specifically blood shed, if you’re amped enough to physically want to hurt someone, that it self is a pulse of energy,” The woman rubbed her eyes, “The body normally produce what? 50 wats of energy? How much more are you putting out when you want to murder someone’s face?” To which Sasuke replied, “I’m guessing something over 50, huh?” she stated dully.

Hisan looked towards Kurai, “I am not organic, so I doubt that I shall require a suit, such as you’re saying. “His eyes turned towards Isabo, as he continued, “If it’s drawn to negative emotions, it could be sentient. Meaning: all organics would be in danger.”

It was then, when Christopher tried to further advance the idea of an unmanned operation. “I-if I may?” His confidence had grown slightly dimmer now, “I suggest that an optical cable is con…” He stuttered a little. “Connected to the unit, so that in event of destruction, we do not lose the feed. Thus if the scouting party is lost, we would still have visual material of the ins…” He was fighting as his arms began to shake once more. “inside.”

Sasuke was adding to the slight commotion in the room, as the new hypothesis had spurred new fuel for the talks, “Question, is magic considered organic or something else? I mean, we have pure magical beings here and all.”

Hissan stated the obvious: “If you’re made of flesh and blood, you’re organic.” The room was sounding almost like a waterfall from all the whispers and rambling.

“Thins thing melts trough solid bedrock, but suit yourself.” Kurai noted to Hissan’s previous comment. “I would suggest to put anything between yourself and this thing, as it seems to melt down anything,” The redhead spoke whilst trying to keep the room collected.

Sasuke reached out to Christopher and placed her hand on the boy’s shoulder. With a bright smile, she pulled him closer to whisper in his ear, “You’re doing great! Keep it up, hon!” Her glance then turned towards Hissan, further explaining her thought, “Right, but I mean purely here, made of magic. Something like a projection or similar.”

Hissan instead looked towards the redhead, “Interesting, all the more reason to experience it,” With a light motion of his hand, a tablet materialized. He tossed it before Christopher, as he added, “I’ll send you a live feed of what I see,” His gaze looked then back at Sassy once more. “I would consider magic as energy. The act of magic is not organic, while the product can be organic.”

“It mutates and drives mad,” Kurai commented to Christopher as well, “yes, of course, so who will be coming then?” the woman towards he assistant unit, EIRA. “Ready the fabricator and the portal generator. Set us to 10-ground zero. Initialize recon drones 17 trough 24 and prepare a STARS”. The android then walked off after giving a nod.

“You like astral projection, Sassy?” There was clear indication of surprise in Isabo’s voice, as she said those words. A sense of agreement came from within. Sasuke nodded with outspoken: “Yes, yes!”

It was then, when the boy added to Sasuke’s statement. “P…” His stress did not leave him. He felt like he had to give the maximum input towards the discussion, to help,” Perhaps we could send two types of pa…” There it was again, “paties. A mecganical and a… and magical. M… Multiple methods cou… could pr… provide different result,” The boy was dazed, almost close to a point of fainting.

It was then when Sasuke’s uncle spoke out. “Since I am magic, I’ll voulenteer to go.” the man proclaimed boldly. It did make his niece to blink in surprise. “Uh, oh! Wow!” She eyed the man with wide, almost admiration filled eyes.

“Drawn to mental states, but also changes them?” Possibility spoke once more, rubbing her hands together, as the room was filled with slightly mad laughter. “Mwahahahaha!That is brilliant! This cloud, it sounds like an ingenious weapon!” Then she almost flew out of her seat, as she added. “Of course!” with a demonstrative motion she pointed at others, “You say it started in Sprout? This has to be by design, not happenstance!”

Hissan then raised his hand, “I’ll be coming. Most can be learned form direct exposure, and may be able to bring back a sample for extermination,” He then walked towards Kurai, “However, I;ll be only focusing on the cloud and not on anyone else coming with. If you get injured, that shall be your downfall.” He sounded almost cruel, while Lily made a noticeable growl towards the mad professor.

It was then, when, the he screens in the room shifted from the wavering unpredictable blobs that were their best attempts at representing the death cloud, to listing facts: “Gleamed from recent experience, past interactions, and the previous experimental trip to Sprout. It lists that all things, are melted by the cloud. This includes light, organics, mechanics, machines, buildings, mountains and everything in between. The one exception is that certain things are not melted instantly, they instead mutate, always into something horrible and deadly and wishing for death. This occurs more often in advanced organics, such as highly magical beings. Recently Kida, the goddess of Twine, used the entirety of her powers to call to the death cloud, and while she wasn’t melted, she turned into a hideously disfigured monstrosity of pure madness and insanity, wreaking havoc on the world. We do know that it has no effect on cinnamon, allowing cinnamon suits to be worn in relative safety in the cloud. However, samples of the cloud, even in cinnamon laced bags, are instable and tend to explode within minutes of collection. Sprout was protected against it, by using one of the most powerful objects of Hyandrian lore ever, and it only held the cloud at bay for a mile or two. When that artifact was replaced by a lesser item, the cloud started to grow exponentially. Gaian magic also works in similar properties, requiring all of the practitioners of life magic in existence to work together just to carve out a few miles of safety. AM is also particularly effective, melting the cloud itself away, as well as all other magic or supernatural substance in the vicinity. And it did destroy Improvidence during the battle of the gods, and has shown other signs of being effected by emotion and will.”

Christoper looked at the party, preparing to venture into the cloud. This was bad. Venturing into the unknown with so little preparations could mean a certain death to the adventurers. The boy, looked at Sassy’s uncle, showing clear distress. If there would be anyone dying, that would be his theory that would have led them to it. With the glimmer the boy jumped and eyed the screens: “C…” He paused for a moment, before continuing with clear confusion. “Cinnamon?” Lily was on her way to exit, whilst Hissan also noted the shift in sources.

“Cinnamon?” The man extended his arm, and over prepared for the venture, he began preparing cinnamon substance, seemingly from thin air, “So long as there are particles to transmute,” he stated quietly to himself. Some devious plans were weaving in his head.

The screen flickered again, presenting further information: “It was the Nymphs that first discovered the properties of cinnamon and its resistance to the cloud. It also notes that some of those same nymphs are now part of a break away religion that worships the Golden Plague, currently centered on several captured neighborhoods in the city of Ar’Elis. Their appearance, heralded the second outbreak of this cloud by just a few days, the existence of which plagues the lands just south of Ar’Elis.”

Sasuke frowned at the boy, clearly seeing that Christopher was distressed. Her thought was cut short with her uncle’s motion. With a loud bang, her head almost smashed the table, only for her body to start sliding down towards and on the floor. Uncle was forming black substances of unknown nature, whilst his niece was on her knees, somewhat stunned by the unexpected force of the bang.

“From what we see on screen, you’re fine if you wear cinnamon.” Isabo stated and then with slight shift in her expression,s he leaned towards the remote. “If I may use the screen for a moment.” Once Kurai gave her permission, with a simple search option, she placed on the subject on plague doctors.

Kurai looked over the information gleamed from the previous experiments, showing several things that this cloud just instantly melts. Though there are things that aren’t instantly melted, but rather mutated and those things she needed samples of she was sure. “Cinnamon huh? That’s something. But why? This cloud, is definitely not a natural occurrence, so I doubt its any specifically enzyme or protein. The gas even seems to self destruct when collected, showing even more that it was sentient, especially..” She trailed off as she read the screen, before Isabo acted.

Think Cristopher, think. The boy was now stunned. He had to act fast, as the item use description was too vague. The boy asked in an almost unnoticeable manner: “Miss Kurai?”

“Yes, Christopher?” She luckily noticed the boy, as Sasuke let out a slight sound of point, before sliding back in her seat. Her eyes were fixated towards the screens. Noting the new information that had been given with an almost delayed and oddly placed fashion.

The boy tilted his head, slightly unable to believe his own words. Some theories had sparked up, slightly contradicting one another, but from the other hand connecting. “Cinnamon, has similar carbon structure to any dried plant life, meaning, that there might be a connection to a certain radiations, or smell particle levels, or perhaps even taste…” He then looked down, quite unsure himself. “What if…” He stumbled upon his words, “what if it is both, a living entity and an anomaly?”

Meanwhile Isabo was presenting her idea “As you can see, on the screen, Plague doctors of earth did something similar, back with the black death or the red death. They used these mask along with other things they had at the time.”

“So what you’re saying is that it’s a repeat of the 1300s?” Sasuke inquired to further research this strand of the subject. Hassan then added to her statement, “Plague doctors used their masks because they could get contaminated by breathing in the plague particles, however, inorganic substances are melted, meaning that this is not like the plagues on earth.”

Soon enough Lily spoke: “It was a hardly regarded spice for kings.” The woman was still there, partially prepared for departure. Her eyes turned towards Hassan, “It was to deal with the smell of dead bodies. The plague was spread by insects, my dear!”

Kurai made note of this, adding her part “I was just thinking that. What if these cloud just… “She hesitated for a moment, “Likes cinnamon. Being, maybe, sentient. With this new information, I say we get dressed up and go pay these cultists of the Golden Plague a visit. See if maybe there is more information to gleam. It seems that the normal subset of experiments to perform where already done.” there was a slight undertone of irritation in her voice.

The chaos was growing within the room as Possibility added to it all, “Madam, if you have words, please use them! We are not beasts, but sentient creatures with words and language!” Perhaps the professor was inquiring the growl that was acted out earlier. Nevertheless, it only digress the subject. She did quickly fix it. “Aha! Cinnamon was used by ancient people in embalming! Probably just for the smell, however. Useless knowledge, however, as it just tells us that cinnamon must have some kind of “mystic” quality that acts as a ward or protective amulet,” the woman grew slightly impatient.

More information flickered on the screen: “There are beings known as the Soulless, who are immune to the clouds effect. These creatures emerged on Hellifyno seven years ago, after the Void Apocalypse, and their very nature, having no soul, caused a war of the gods against them, that eventually led to the rise of the god king Plainview. The Soulless have since vanished into lore, but one named Patch, emerged from the death cloud after it was first discovered. And after several weeks, he took another, Alysha, to become a Soulless and sacrifice her afterlife for the strange forbidden powers of this lost and new found race. These are the beings who walk the golden lands of despair, these few beings are the ones who know the secrets of the plague. But this is information, they do not share.”

Isabo inquired towards the man, “You’re right Hissan, but we are facing something similar so, I figured it was best to bring up that point .” the woman looked over at Lilly arched a brow “So what you’re saying is this thing was summoned by the forest?” The scientists strayed further from the subject.

Meanwhile Christopher was taking in all that he could about the subject. Think, Christopher, think! With quivering lip, he spoke. “That does give us idea of covering our…” he stuttered, “our research parties in cinnamon.” he couldn’t believe how absurd he was sounding right now, but new theories of micro-climates and similar were weaving in the boy’s head.

Lily then spoke, tilting her head forth and taking off the hood, revealing her true nature. Reptilian skin was covering her face, as the alligator-like eyes peered towards the researchers. “They are of the forest as the screen suggested they are nymphs, but not as we know them.”

“If it is not the neutralizing agent, at best, we can coat things with it for protection. Unless we just construct a giant scoop, scoop up the cloud, and then fling it in the direction of some other world with particularly cranky, foul-mouthed, and violent people at a speed close to the speed of light.” Possibility took off her goggles for a moment, rubbing the bridge of her nose, seemingly calmer than before, “And beings with no “mystic essence” but still possessing mind of their own? Similarly useless. They are immune, but are not,” She added slight sense of importance to the word, “neutralizing agents! And they would just make a terrible substance for constructing a giant scooper.”

There it was again with the strange concepts. Soul. What was the connection to cinnamon and being soulless. Think, Christopher, think. Soulless creatures and Cinnamon, what did a soulless being and Cinnamon had in common? It couldn’t be scent then, nor taste. “Are there any historical archives of cinnamon playing crucial role in past events, connected to paranormal out of ordinary activities?” He spoke with a slight quivering in his voice.

Lily then spoke, her eyes glancing over the room, looking for any results for her question, “Whom knows of the midnight court?”

Kurai eyed the information that was presented, and took in the words others spoke, before talking, “This thing was defensively summoned by someone or something. Look at these, cultist of the Plague. They showed up and all the sudden the cloud appeared on a different part of the world.” She then galnced towards the reptile like woman, and asked, “The midnight court? Like, Shakespearean works?”

Sasuke’s uncle gave a slight sigh, before speaking of the subject, “That’s been a donkey’s age since I’ve last heard of those terms. It’s a fae term, really.” He explained to others, after a brief absence of input.

Isabo’s eyes went wide and her face grew pale felt pale, as she looked at everyone, “did anyone diatribe a tomb lately?” the woman inquired with a rather grim tone.

There was slight confusion in Lily’s eyes “Who’s Shakespeare?” Shaking her head, as it was not seen as important detail, she went on, “But yes, they were like the cult we have running about maybe we could get hold of the cult and ask what they know it is.”

The screen flashed information once more on the substance itself, seemingly taken straight out from the local sources: “Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several tree species from the genus Cinnamomum. It is used mainly as an aromatic condiment and flavoring additive in a wide variety of cuisines, sweet and savory dishes, breakfast cereals, snack foods, tea and traditional foods by mostly mortal organic beings. The aroma and flavor of cinnamon derive from its essential oil and principal component, cinnamaldehyde, as well as numerous other constituents, including eugenol. The term “cinnamon” also is used to describe its mid-brown color. Cinnamon is the name for several species of trees and the commercial spice products that some of them produce. All are members of the genus Cinnamomum in the family Lauraceae. Only a few Cinnamomum species are grown commercially for spice. Some fae cultivate cinnamon for its psychotropic effects. Cinnamomum verum is sometimes considered to be “true cinnamon”, but most cinnamon in international commerce is derived from related species, also referred to as “cassia”, The English word “cinnamon”, attested in English since the fifteenth century, derives from the Greek as kínnamon, via Latin and medieval French intermediate forms. The Greek was borrowed from a Phoenician word, which was similar to the related Hebrew as qinamon. The name “cassia”, first recorded in English was borrowed via Latin and ultimately derives from Hebrew q’ts???h, a form of the verb q?tsa?: “to strip off bark”.”

All this time the Christopher was standing up, never once thinking of taking a seat. He shook to his bone, but he felt responsible to push himself to the limit. He looked at Lily. Perhaps she had the answer they sought. It was then, when the boy noticed, that he had been talking too much. He finally sat down and almost fainted from the stress. The talks were pushed far, and at this point he shakily breathed in. So it was connected to a cult. The cloud was summoned. Or so everyone assumed. Silently the boy read the slides on the screens, whilst silently listening to other scientists.

Sasuke’s uncle nodded, and began floating lightly above the ground, whilst speaking: “Sounds like a trip to the Hedge if we’re going to see fae,” his niece nodded in agreement, whilst the boy simply sat there, struck by the information.

The talks went on passing, Christophers head, almost seamessly, as Isabo spoke, “So, if the Fae are behind all this. Then we need to find out why. Now that we know the who,” Her mouth formed a slight smile, “you say cults, so this is their god? Or champion, rather?”

“He’s just an author from Earth, wrote some literature. Not important right now.” Kurai explained the slight misunderstanding, as the speeches of the scientists diverted once more. “But all of the evidence points to this cloud being ‘Fae’ in nature. So it would make sense to bring in either a ‘Fae’ or a specialist on the subject.” nodding towards the new targets, she continued, “So we have these cultist in Ar’Elis, and this court to investigate then. So, miss, what’s your name?” The woman asked to Lily, as she responded: “I am lady Duskore. I hail from sprout.”

Sasuke spoke with a bright and hopeful tone: “I think I can help! I have access to the Hedge and I can see if I can talk to one of the other courts.” Meanwhile her assistant, Christopher was sitting silently. “It should be easy access to the Hedge, yes,” Sasuke spoke quietly.

“Well met, Lady Duskore.” Lurai finally learned her name and took it for the record. Then she turned towards to Sassy, asking, “What is the Hedge? Or these other courts? The only information I have on Fae is lore and whispers, I don’t know what applies here.” Not wasting time, or possibility, Kurai’s prepared suit was covered in cinnamon and cinnamon oils.

Professor Possibility spoke once more, in a more demeaning tone, “Is there certifiable proof of an investigation that these cultists are the source of this within a reasonably doubt? I will not be part of some misguided witch-hunt for superstitious fools that just so happen to believe in tomfoolery that might, at a surface level, indicate that they at the very least approval of the chaos this cloud is causing.” It was clear that the goals that were forming did not suit her, “If you so wish to, go forth and indulge yourselves. I think I will just conduct actual scientific inquiries and test out a few hypothesis.”

(And this is where my fingers fell off.)


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