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“Like Mother like Daughter: What NOT to teach your kid”

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Chapter One

It’s totally alright to Adopt the girl that literally ate your Daughter….Right?

It’s not every day where you walk up to someone with your newly adopted daughter and tell them..”This is Essan’Ni, my daughter, she ate my last daughter so I decided she was a keeper.” With a big ol’ smile on your face. Ya, I didn’t think so either but that’s what happened…Yeah, yeah I know, it may be stupid. But I did SOMEWHAT feel bad. She did eat her best friend and was left alone after all…I couldn’t just let my late-daughter’s best friend just lay there…in a puddle of…my daughters blood… I mean that’s just morbid!

So being the great mother I am, I picked her up took her home, cleaned her up and called her my own. And feeding her hearts to keep her from eating me..Don’t get me wrong… My last daughter was a lovely little angel.. literally. But things change… I miss her, but at least I somewhat have her! Even if it is inside some girls stomach. 

Being an only mother of a flesh eating girl has its up and downs. If I do not like the man I am with I simply invite him over and Esan does the rest. However if Esan doesn’t like the man (which is like every guy I meet) she goes out and eats them too…but that means I don’t have to go out and find someone to feed to her so I guess that’s a plus. I know I’m making my daughter sound like the local psychopath in the neighborhood, but c’mon. A mother has to do a great job when raising their children by giving them food. Plus, it gives me time to head out and socialize! And maybe occasionally pick out all the douches and perverts out there to feed to my daughter…if she even wants to taste those nasty bastards…who would blame her?

Enough of her eating habits, lets talk about the training she went through to protect our little family. She is what I will call my lil condom. If any man or woman tries to hurt our family I just point and say the command and she puts them down just like a condom to sperms…a lil much? Ya I think so to…but still she does not take any crap from anyone. Her training dealt with a lot and I mean A LOT of dead bodies… that girl does not know the words “NOT Food” when you are trying to train her combat fighting but instead she rips out the throats and eats them. So we kinda just stuck with wooden dolls to save money and…well…people. 

Other than that she is my precious little…throat tearing, human eating, a little to protective, daughter. What else could a mother ask for? Now let’s just hope that she doesn’t get into a fight with her sibling anytime soon.. Or else I’ll rip both their throats out instead.

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    1. Lilium "Lily" Akuma 3 years ago

      “LIL CONDOM” xD This is is great.

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