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List of The Favored

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Let it be formally known through out all the worlds that, Aether, the Weaver, has accepted a several new Favored into her Web!

Apprentices to the Hourglass, future Black Widows-

?? Astrapi ??

?? Helena (Nelly) Zagurian ??

Web Healer-

?? Cassiopeia Nejem ??


?? Drake Hawkins ??

Glass Guardian-

?? Romulus Bloodwalker ??

Tailor Drone-

?? Elva ‘Apple’ Zagurian ??

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  1. Jaia Sepri 9 years ago

    For a moment, pain gripped her heart. He… had found someone else? Someone soft and human, all the things she wasn’t? His hands were on her, pushing her against the wall. She shut her eyes and sighed as he ran a rough finger down her throat, feeling the scrape of mortal nail. He should have been a Drakyn so that those hard fingers could be tipped with gorgeous claws… The collar popped off and she felt the air on the ring of damaged skin followed by his lips and tongue. Lessa clung to him, unable to do anything else as the long forgotten sensation of pure desire washed through her.

    Her eyes narrowed at him. Was he saying he liked the sight of her in bondage?! She rankled at the notion, but also felt her center grow warm and thighs coat with silky moisture. They were out in the cool night and she grinned as she saw the two gate guards flailing their swords helplessly at invisible monsters. Transforming into her ruby and amber dragon form, she snapped open her wings and stretched on her hind legs. Relishing the feel of being a dragon again. Picking Velin up in her claw, she launched into the air, gaining altitude before she once more tossed him up and caught him on her back. Smiling inwardly at how familiar and natural this seemed. She flew hard, wanting to get far away so they wouldn’t be able to catch them or even guess at where they might be. After about an hour of flight, she landed on a hill in the high desert. There were trees, but they were sparser then the caldera and the ground was more mossy then grassy. After putting Velin down, she transformed back to her human form and took the needed moment to collect herself, sinking to the ground and laying on her back, staring up at the starry sky they had just flown across. She tilted her head to look at Velin with hooded, sultry eyes.

    “Well, what do we do now?”

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