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Losing and Gaining {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 9:Part 2

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A Black Hole would’ve appeared and shallowed up Akaris and shredded it into a new planet that would go in the new planet that would take it’s place

Naos would contacted and told of the news by Jada Hadley as the black hole also would vanish

The Newest Ally to the Soulhelm Pact, The Combine would be receiving this new planet 

“The Newest Closet Planet to this sun within the Galaxy shall go to the Combine as a welcoming gift into the Pact” Illy stated as she looked to the side

“I also wanted to apologise to the Republic for the problems in which Dusk and his hells has caused, should he try to enter this Galaxy again, he shall be turned to ashes” Illy stated

“If The Combine wishes to put a bounty on him, please spare his family, they don’t deserve to face his crimes” Illy said before closing off the transmission

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