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Losing Humanity 101

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Annie was walking around the town. She knew there was a war going on, but she needed to gather her thoughts. She was starting to hear a voice. This has never happened before and she didn’t know what to do. Maybe she should consult Abigail on how to shut the voice out.

“You can’t get rid of me. I’ve been here all along.” The Beast said. Ugh, he was really annoying which in turn made Annie more irritable.

“What do you want anyway?” Annie was talking out loud so if anyone looked her way, they would just pass her off as insane, which they usually always do.

“I’m here to help you be your true self.” That made no sense. Annie knew who she was. She knew where she came from, her past, all of that. “Not that, you dimwit. I’m talking about your hunger.

“And this is exactly why I call you The Beast. My hunger is fine, thank you very much. Can you go now?”

“I’m not leaving until you embrace your true nature. Actually, I probably won’t even leave then. You’re too entertaining.” Annie rolled her eyes. If this is what he thought of entertainment, then he clearly has not been around the Blue Moon lately.

“Did Elexin send you to make me go more insane?”

“No. There’s a reason they call me The Beast. I’m inside every vampire. You’re only hearing me because you haven’t been feeding lately.” He said.

“Sure I have. I have Dr. Pepper laced with blood every time I go into the tavern.”

“Ah, but you haven’t been to the tavern lately.” Annie shifted uncomfortably. He knew her every move because he could see through her eyes.

“Doesn’t mean I don’t drink blood at home.” Annie grimaced.

“That synthetic shit? You hate that crap and I can tell that you do.” Well, it tasted like shit but she wasn’t going to feed on anyone. She barely had control of herself lately.

“Maybe it’s time I take over. Show you how fun I can be.” The Beast said.

“No,” Annie said nervously. “I’m perfectly fine.”

“Too late. Nighty night, Annie.” Annie started to convulse and ultimately fell to the ground. When she stood back up, it wasn’t her. It was The Beast. Annie remembered nothing after that.]

When Annie finally came to, she was covered in blood. There was blood in her hair, all over her clothes, hands, and she was barefoot. She took hold of her surroundings and almost shit her pants. Bodies. Bodies on top of bodies. There were too many to count. She stumbled over to them to see if by any chance they were still alive. Annie was horrified by what she saw. Some throats were ripped out, some were disemboweled and drained of their blood.

“What have you done?” Annie asked, her voice trembling.

“I’ve shown you what you’re truly capable of. Now dispose of them. Wasteful humans, they were; didn’t even put up a fight.” The Beast said, sounding proud of himself.

Annie’s fingers lit up in a flame. “I am so sorry.” She whispered to the bodies and threw the flame in the pile of bodies. The bodies went up in flames as she took a couple steps away from the fire, then collapsed on all fours.

“No you’re not and you know it.” That was the last thing The Beast said as Annie just laid there. Maybe this was all a dream – more of a nightmare actually. She would wake up in her bed and none of this ever happened. She closed her eyes and let slumber take her.


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