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Lost Count Of The Days…

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She came through her bed room door with a heavy sigh and soft thud as she hurled herself onto her bed. She was covered in dirt and a little dry blood, she was unsure if it was her own or someone elses.

She had been working lately on her {Healing} powers with her Will. They were going fairly well, she could heal herself no problem, no matter the injury. To heal other people on the other hand, was not going so well. She found herself most days trying to help injured creatures in the forests around the guild but most, unfortunately, were hostile soon after being healed. Which, of course, left her with quite a few scratches, bites, and bruises. It would be worth it in the end. 

She sighed, leaving her crossbow on her bed, her sheets now having some dirt on it from where she lied, she sat up and moved her desk, her leather back book already opened to a new page, 

{Strength} Bench press 200 lbs. 

{Fire} Mastered


… She paused at this one as thought about it, this was harder then she anticipated… She sighed as she remembered failing to heal some creatures. As she tried to Heal them it was though she could feel their emotions, their fear as the light in their eyes would die because the injury was more sever then she could handle…

{Healing} Having difficulty with Healing others

She let out another weak sigh as she rubbed her temples. Her brain had taken a toll today, something was having fun with all the little creatures in the forest today. She should seek out her Guild Master, Lokarri, for some training… She shook the thought. No. A real Hero would be able to figure this out on their own.

She quickly went to her closet and changer into a pair of black sweat pants and large white shirt that hung off one shoulder. She pulled her hair into a pony tail and slipped on a pair of fuzzy sucks. She quickly washed her face to remove the dirt and small smears of blood before making her way to the door. She opened it to the Guild hallway and she made her way to the Library in her socks. The stone felt cold on her feet, even though they were covered the chill on her toes was irritating. She sped up her walking pace because of this fact and wished she had just put on her shoes for the walk. 

She made it to the library doors and pushed them open with ease as she looked around the large empty room. Floor to ceiling shelves were covered in books, large rolling ladders attached to help readers get that book on the top shelf. She spun around the room taking it in all 360 degrees. She went to a ladder and stepped on the first rung, she read the titles of the books as she slid herself back and forth reading each row of books and picking out the ones she thought would be most useful. 

After hours of searching and three large stacks of books she was finally finished. She used her Will to float the books slowly and surely down the hall back to her room. She placed them on the floor beside her desk and picked one off the top. She sat down at her desk and placed the thick book on the desk atop her leather book. 

“HEALING Vol. 1”

She opened the book with a loud thud and began reading. She had a lot of research to do, alot of questions that need to be answered before she can learn any more. Her body was becoming to fatigued all the time from daily use of her Will and if she over used, Her migraine will make her pass out within moments of it starting.

She emptied her mind of her issues as she began the first chapter of the hand written book. 

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  1. Amon Goeth 7 years ago

    lol This blog made me laugh. I can imagine Obama’s hickish voice saying “What The Hell”


    Try again I think it should work

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