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Love, True Love

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The black fires wrapped around her, she knew their touch instantly. Her father had answered. He had saved her, pulled her away from the Tavern and the words that Antinous had uttered. Those painful words that had cut her heart to shreds. Even worse than that… Kalm had left her dying in her bed for someone else. Her eyes closed as she felt the fires ebb. She did not want to open them, did not want her father to see her pain and weakness. Instead of words, she felt arms move around her and the scent of sandalwood and a hint of raspberry filled her senses and she realized that it was not her father at all. Her head rose and her eyes opened to stare at Cyprian.

   He stared at her with worry in those vivid blue eyes and Eva was damn near undone. Sobbing silently, she slipped her arms around his waist as she babbled some nonsensical apologies. He held her close, his hand stroking her silver hair, wondering why she was in this form but more so, why she had called her father to bring her home. Vergil had passed the message to him and said he would deliver his daughter to her home, knowing something was wrong, she never asked for such things. As his heart sobbed in his arms, he realized there was no getting answer yet and swept her into his arms. 

   Cy moved through the audience chamber to their room. She continued to ramble apologies, swapping languages without even realizing. Enochian to Demonic with a splash of Draconic before moving back to Common. Finally, once he was seated upon their bed with her in his lap, he cupped her face and said. “Shhhhh.. Eva.. shhh. Just breathe Love. Just take a slow deep breath. You are safe here with me.”

   Between her sobs, she raised her wet face to his, her skin icy cold to the touch. She saw the moment when he realized there was something incredibly wrong and shivered before pressing against him. Cy grasped one of the blankets and pulled it over her, tucking it around her body as he frowned. “I’m sorry Cy. I should… I… I tried to end it with Kalm last night. I tried. I was getting jealous whenever he went with others. I just wanted to be important to him, I wanted to matter.”

   “I know.” He whispered, kissing the top of her head as he stroked her hair. “And he is the only one who welcomed the Lust. I understand.”

   “But.. He was hurt that I wanted to end it. He shared a part of himself, his history, his past, and I… I just couldn’t do it. I do love him, Cy, and I wanted to show him he mattered to me.”

   The Demon swallowed the pang of hurt he had not expected. He had been honest and serious when he had given her permission to do whatever she wanted but hearing her speak of him like that… Bothered him more than he had expected. “And what happened?”

   “I took him to my room in the tavern. We… “ She made a gesture to indicate it was what he thought. “And I unleashed the Lust but I think it only targeted me. It kept bringing my fires up, my skin would not stop smouldering. I… I am not even sure what happened.”

   “You went past your endurance, Eva. Your flames protect you by taking that hit, so to speak but eventually, you will run out. You have burned through a lot lately, wearing that melded form so long.”

   She nodded. “I… Fell Cy. It was only darkness and I couldn’t breathe. I woke for a time, he was with me, laying next to me… Then, I woke and there was nothing but a letter. He left me lying there, helpless, to be with another.” Eva whispered her shame and lowered her head. “I could have died there, alone and no one would have known. He wouldn’t have cared.”

   Cyprian was shaking. It was partly the realization that he had damn near lost her and did not even fucking know. The other part was how much he hated Kalm. Hated him with every ounce of his being. How dare he make his love feel like this? How dare he hurt her and then leave her. “You are safe now, my love.” Another kiss to his forehead. “Hold still.”

   “What are you doing?” She whispered, unable to raise her head, her sorrow, weakness and broken heart simply too much. 

   “Showing you how much I love you.” He whispered. Raising her chin with his hand, he pressed his lips to hers and breathed his flames. 

   Eva’s dim purple eyes fluttered closed at the kiss, no hint of the Lust beating at its cage as she was simply too weak to feel it. But then, she felt the liquid fire slide down her throat and she gasped, trying to stop him but he held her tight and forced a little more. She was crying openly as he drew back. “Cyprian, why? Why would you do that? You will weaken yourself….”

   “It will kickstart your fires, love,” He whispered and gave her a small smile. “And no it won’t. It’s one of my abilities, a rare one this sharing of power. One that most people suggest is useless. But I can share my power with another without lessening myself.” He touched her cheek and smiled. “See? Heat is already returning.” It was a small lie, sharing with other Demons would not lessen him.. Sharing with a Nephalem, he did not know for sure but for Eva, for the girl he had loved for centuries, he would do anything. Give her everything.

   Her crimson ringed purple eye met his crystalline blue and she knew in that instant that she had been wrong. So very wrong. For centuries she had thought she did not deserve love, would never gain it and keep it. Yet here it was, holding her and risking himself for her. He gave up everything to have her, sure he gained a lordship, lands and an army but it also put a massive target on his back. He was safe where he had been, well respected and trusted. Now, he had to start all over. For her. Her hands wriggled out of the blanket and she cupped his face. Cy grinned, relief in his eyes as he felt some of the returning heat in her skin. One hand pressed over hers as he turned his head, pressing a kiss into her palm. 

   “There are other ways to warm me.” Eva whispered softly, a look in her eyes that he knew very well and his eyes widened in shock.

   “You are weakened, you nearly perished and you want ….” It took him a second to connect the dots but he got there. Cy could see what she needed was love, not the act itself. With a tender smile, he pulled *HIS* Nephalem into his arms and whispered. “You are mine and mine alone. You will not lie with him again. Promise me Eva.”

   She smiled softly at him. “I promise. Just you Cy, as it should have been.” Her hands moved then, under that shirt he wore, tearing a soft gasp from his lips. 

   Cyprian growled softly and turned to lay her on the bed before resting himself beside her and then, the Demon with the greatest of care, showed the Nephalem just how much she was truly loved.

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      Where’s the rest?!

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      Eva Sparda 2 months ago

      Cen not be posting that 😉

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