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Lunar Histoire: A Brief History of the Lunar Capital

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The Lunar Capital

The Lunar Capital is an ancient and war-torn metropolis spanning a massive area of about 50 square miles in a perfectly circular area on the surface of the moon facing away from the Earth. It is concealed from human technology and perception using a magitech Barrier.

The Barrier

The magitech barrier is secured by eight pillars: one to the north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest.

The Lunar Capital has technological advances far beyond those of humans, the development of which has historically been aided by the powerful magic that Lunarians are capable of using. Machinery and other types of equipment that combine magic and science are referred to “Magitech.” Medicine, architecture, and other things as well are also influenced by and frequently use magic, but this is so common that there’s no specific term for this.

Within the magic barrier, there is an atmosphere that allows for weather and breathing as humans do, as well as an artificial gravity well that gives the space within the Lunar Capital an effect similar to living on the Earth.

Major Historical Events

According to the ancient scrolls kept by the royal family.

  • 0000 – The god of the Sun and Goddess of the Stars create the Earth, and her younger sister, the Moon.
  • 0000 – The village that would later become the Lunar Capital is founded by the god of the Sun and the Goddess of the Stars.
  • 0003 – The first generation of Lunarians are born from the Sun and Stars.
  • 0007 – The Sun and Stars create the Lunar Rabbits to feed the Lunarians; The Sun and Stars leave the Moon forever.
  • 1021 – The Lunar Capital is established as a form of government to create order. A man and Woman are established as leader and they become the royal family.
  • 1240 – The Lunar Capital begins using Lunar Rabbits as slaves for labor.
  • 1244 – The Lunar Rabbits begin revolting; put down quickly.
  • 2034 – The Royal Family begins adopting one Lunar Rabbit every 350 years as a pet and cherished member of the family.
  • 2356 – Lunar Rabbits gain second-class citizenship by decree of Akihime. Civil war breaks out as Aoihime is outraged by Akihime’s decision; Start of the Traitor Princess War.
  • 2991 – Akihime is slain by Aoihime; Decisive turning point as neutral citizens of the Capital are outraged at the younger princess’ death.
  • 2992 – Aoihime is captured and  exiled from the capital; she dies of starvation and dehydration. End of the Traitor Princess War.
  • 3045 – Public unease increases over the secrecy of Prince Kurimaru. Kazehime reveals that he has been performing acts of cannibalism. Begin of the Second War.
  • 3406 – Kurimaru captures Kazehime, demanding she back down. When she refuses, he sexually assaults her: Kazehime’s faction splits into two.
  • 3684 – Kurimaru is killed by Kazehime, and his forces are put down. Kazehime loyalists eliminate the Purists. End of the Second War.
  • 4003 – Torihime and Yonohime come into power.
  • 4004 to Present Day – Various civil wars begin in an attempt to overthrow the royal family. The technological development accelerates at a rapid rate as different factions try to overcome the others.
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