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The Hellifynian Solar System has been opened to the people of the planet. Mapped out but still filled with opportunity to explore. But still one planet sremed impossible to inhabit…

Planet 9, Pseudo-Pluto.  A frozen wasteland inhabited by endless hordes of undead monsters. Even its moons are inundated with throngs of hungry corpses. Between the armies of the dead, the relative lack of oxygen, and the frigid temperatures resulting from the distance from the sun, Planet 9 is a fairly inhospitable place.

 Yet these frozen zombie infested conditions are the perfect place for another carnivorous representative of the living dead…maids. This place, for all its faults, is exactly what Madooga Co LLC has been looking for. The isolation from civilization and the abundance of morally acceptable free meat was the perfect recipe for maid production on a massive scale. 

So with that, Paracosm liasoned their 25 square miles colonization stretch on Planet 9, and began Operation: Abattoir. It was a messy landing, with violent consequences, but soon enough the construction was completed. 

The 25 square miles compound houses a massive production facility of maids… An Ultra Gore Nest. With the near endless supply of meat, Madooga Co LLC can now produce a massive number of maids! 


It would be foolish to assume that the maids will only stay in one predetermined place in space. By their nature they will spread wherever they can get a foothold. The maids were now in space, catching rides on transports both in and out of the ships. Usually to try and help! Though…not always.

For in space…no one can hear you fweep.


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