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Mad Men

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Dexter| | Age;;21| | Species;;Vampire.| | Status?;;Single(Pansexual.)

Dex was one of the vampires that had the cruel fate. One of which was a betrayal by a man he called “Friend.” After 10 years of being what he was, he was married to a beautiful woman in Kingston Australia. that marriage lasted 17 years, having been a vampire for over 20 years, he had a daughter surprisingly named Victoria. This was the happiest decade of his life. Then the accident happened.

Dex was a beautiful husband, and a caring father. All of that left so soon. That night was the night of their anniversary as man and wife. Dex knew she knew what he was, and he decided to ask to feed from her. SAdly, he did more than just feed from her. He killed her, not caring about who was watching. Sadly, Victoria was. His daughter then died of knowing what her father truly was. This isn’t some Twilight bullshit, this is real. No hybrids, no fucking anything. Just him, his addictions, and his curse to forever need blood.

King| | Age;;26| | Species;;Demon| | Status?;;Single (bisexual)

King is a proud owner of the best business managing in Hell. He was not afraid of a challenge, and he still isn’t now. He owns a tattoo shop on earth called betrayal. Only because that one man got away from him. Befriended him only to have his trust and trap him in a spell for catching demons. Luckily he got away. Now he walks around town with a broken look on his face, a beautiful smile that seemed to have lost it’s meaning, and a shit ton of tattoos to prove his story.

He’s not afraid to die and he’s not afraid to fight to stay alive, so watch yourself when roleplaying with this character. He’s a bit touchy for the player :).

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