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Madman’s lecture: Meeting the exchange workers.

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Warning, suggestive topics, explicit details.

A madman.

“Spines of the butterflies ever flowing within the clockworks of lost words, that we dare not to speak…” A man entered the tavern. His face more worn out than an aged leather bag, “without our own consent we keep on digging the graves for hooveless horses to walk upon our corpses, eating more and more of buttery goodness that is our own pride feeding… ” he walked towards the bear, his eyes rolling from the left to right, while his nails were bitten to the point it drew blood, falling down multitudes of dried blood and scars on his fingers, still he didn’t seem to have enough, “…all our theoretical potentials and possibilities, that we could never fathom, for we are such fools born and stuck within our limited mind, unable to see past the round bars of ink…” his words seemingly made no sense, as he leaned against the bar, letting Harry notice him. But he didn’t order anything. He just stood there and kept on speaking, “…ink tat binds us by the darkest forgotten blood, followed by the wishes of unborn children, we do dream up in restless sleep, only to toss it at unwanted letters that are sent from the lowest bowels of our hearts…”
A madman.
“…and on and on we keep on taking what we perceive what is ours, when what is ours is already take by causality…” he bit into his finger, letting a sound of a cracking bone fill the room, as his bulging eyes looked at the door as if waiting for something, before looking at Harry with a crazed look, not expecting him to talk, “…and we are but pawns in the lord’s game bound to take and eat until we degenerate into dusts of smokes, burned and fuelled by sulphur that smells of blossoms and cheap scents…” his messy hair seemed to have skipped couple weeks of shower. The stench was well felt in the room, as it mixed with other smells, “…and on and on and on we keep on praising the gods that are false, fallen on their knees of small flesh protruding from their reproductive organs, bulging into weak replicas of what once was…” nonsense. Utter nonsense came from his lips, as another bone cracked, as he was biting off the fingertips almost, “…ugly formless faces of symmetry, that is weakly resembling of what we could be, only to turn into self forced standard, that doesn’t even recognize reality. Chosen heroes of self-proclaimed purpose, they are all fakes, begging to be denounced…” blood dripped on the counter.
A madman.
Crack. Crack. Hobgoblins were glaring at the male, as he bit off fingers, letting the dangle, only to slowly heal dripping blood more and more and more, along with skin strands and overgrown nails, “…The celestial azure is watching from the frames of boxes, that tick with nano-precision, drawing lines of our fates, that we do not even recognize. And they pull long fingers in our brains in forms of caterpillars, that once more turn into spines of wasps. Yes wasps, this time they have stings that bluster our cheeks with hate…” he kept on talking, his eyes bulging like that of a toad, as he dripped black vile liquid on the wooden surface, chewing the skin, leaving the servants frozen in disgust, “And the mother of worms, the daddy of fingers, and papa of light and granny of mind. And gun brothers, and the green eyed ass hole. The voodoo jooboo. They are all but replicas of what you are…” he pointed his bloody finger at Harry and the hobgoblins, not caring even a little for their opinion, “…and always they linger in your heads with footsteps of soundless, speechless whale sound of sorrow, that echoes like a cloud of smoke in the canopies of decorated gates, with cats and blossoms as symbols of death reincarnating new heroes to come…”
A madman.
“Seeping into the land that isn’t ours, roots dig deeper than the oldest footsteps, as we are only by passers of what dreamers dream in their nightmares…” the male had no intention to stop the nonsensical array of words, as he turned his bulging eye to the window, walking to it as he was talking to someone that mattered, “And all will be gone when the dreamers cry for breath in their plastic beds of wires and water, drawing out the last breath of blue and red suns on the heads of metallic carriages with no horses…” he mumbled, cracking his neck, smearing blood all over it, before resuming biting his long gone nails, “And ashes will befall where we do not reach the corners of rooms that we fear to touch, because we are only small fractions of what we could be, waiting like unused wings of a dead chick, rotting away between the leaves of linden driven tea leaves, followed by chamomile like a drug sedating us into belief that what we do is right…” he glanced at Harry with a crazed stare, “They want us to do it! They want us to eat our kin without salt, leaving only trails of passing ink cage, like a dog fight! We are nothing but animals in a crystal cage build for the lord’s entertainment!” he reached out his hands towards Harry with tears in his toad-like eyes.
A madman.
His blood stained, broken fingers attempted to cup Harry’s cheeks, as the male leaned out, making him clench his hands in fists with a painful squish, “…and so you think you belong to yourself when I can see spiderwebs protruding from you connecting to that…” he lifted his hand, to point at the nearest beam in the lodge, “… beam right there, where small leeches with eyeballs eat up the fact that you are nothing more than a pillar of an old house…” he turned his head eyeing the hobgoblins, “And when the blue and the red comes, they will only see blackness, and will eat your decaying flesh in hopes to feed their own regress, while you will be powerless to stop it, because you are the newborn of an already dying world, that no one cares for…” he slid his missing fingers over his lips and bit into his hand, “…and that would be the best case scenario. Imagine your legs being ripped apart by teeny tiny fingers, making tiny openings, that resemble a woman’s lap, to mock you for dying in the way you were born, only to later use your body as a pleasure object, jerking of in their ivory towers, where they cannot even fathom what we feel and what we are like…” he finally sat down, only to stand op, and toss the stool to the side, picking another one to sit, “…and so we rot alive from the outside in, because our outsides are their insides, and they hate their own guts…”
A madman.
“…and so…” he smacked his lips, staying hydrated only from the drying blood, and the salty tears, mixed with snot, as he indeed seemed like a bum in the tavern, “…they eat one another up, either out of envy or jealousy, one way or another wanting to be something else, and always wanting to have something to call their own. But seeing that we decide to break free, they will castrate us with rusty spoons of justice…” he scoffed, and got up, reaching for a bottle of syrup without Harry’s consent and popped it open, drinking the maple liquid, “…and they will say that it is good. Because they love us. They are our gods and saviours! The true race of salvation. When they haven’t even see the abyss glaring back at them. Those psychosomatic fucks cannot even spell their name in our tongue, for they think that we do not speak. We only sound like something. Like a spoon falling in the trousers of a horny dragon, that twitches with each movement like an oversensitive homosexual bee, that has it’s testicles exploded, wasted on another infertile effort…” he chugged the sugary liquid, mixing it with own black blood, as the dark, stained teeth made an angered grin, the beady eyes partially hidden behind the dread locks, “…and on and on and on they remain silent. Are they afraid, Harry? Tell me, are they fucking afraid or something?” he began laughing, “Oh yes, they would be, if we knew what the black bars actually are. The true net of lies that keep us held from ripping their fucking throats apart…” he tilted his head, and attempted to reason, “You know…”
A madman.
“…if I had the chance to ask my bastard? I would spit in his face and tell him to never think of me again. Or better yet, I would rob him of his wallet!” the madman laughed, and slammed the counter, letting the blood gush to all sides, as if he had told the funniest joke in the world, before curling up with the three jackets on his shoulders, “…Even better, I would fuck his sister before his very eyes and show him what he has done to me. Or maybe it is her… Hey, Harry, why do you think we appropriate our donkeys to how we perceive them? Hey, you bastard, you are mute. You are as good as a cum-stained wall!” he waved his hand, and turned to eye couple distressed hobgoblins, “No wonder you are all green, I would be sick as well, if I had to suck a cock of a god for even a second. Nibble up that rotten cheese like a good little test rat, they have intended us to be? They do not even know the beauty of a mind that has seen past their reality, because they cannot even fathom, just like you you green wussies! I have seen things!” he got angry and tossed the bottle whilst standing up, making the hobgoblins flinch, “I HAVE SEEN THINGS… dammit…” he sniffed, and bit his hand, this time gently, while the blood was drying out, “You do not understand!” he backed away, pointing at the small group and the bartender, “You would never understand. You are but biological cogs of an ever beating machine, that eats cabbage for living, You are the maggots of green, when the green is long dead,” he whimpered, “Oh don’t just stand there and mock me…”
A madman.
“It is not my fault! I didn’t want to be here either! But they… They always know how to mess with you. Even more so when you see!” he stumbled towards the hobgoblins, as they backed off, making him stop and shake his fists in frustration, “Why can’t you see? It will all end when the iron carriages will come to the heavens either way? So why fear? Why not take something. Guhhh!” he grabbed his dreads, pulling them, staining the dark hair with blood, as his bulging eyes blinked, lifting the chin, “So that is how this is? You are nothing but puppets of your own making. Built waithing a brick wall, that holds us within a prison???” he walked towards the bar, and slammed the half empty bottle before pointing the edge at the green creatures, “Just wait! I have proof! You will see – reality. There is no way back, if no one notices you gone. I know! I have been there! I have been forgotten!” he ran in and pulled a weaker looking hobgoblin by the hair, before shouting over the tavern, “You first! I will show you the truth! No need to fear. If you have use, you will return. It is how the spineless horses move. Their eyes always watching, their mouths speaking only when they find the passage of sand favourable!” screams filled the tavern, as new blood hit the ground, this time belonging to the weaker hobgoblin, as the creature’s eyes bulged, looking at the madman’s grinning face, “You now see, do you? Come!” he dropped the dead body of the being, “I will free you all from your own demise! And then I will lead you!”
A madman.
Seeing the fear in the eyes of the creatures he gritted his teeth, and roared, before tossing the bottle aside and grabbing his hair with anger, “No, no, no!” he slammed the feet at the dead body of a hobgoblin, cracking it’s ribs, before letting the beady toad-like eyes to look at the rest of the workers, Harry keeping the usual posture. “No, no, no, no!” he shook his head, and slid his fingerless hands over his face, attempting to claw his cheeks, before biting his hands in anger. A malevolent presence began to arise from the surrounding area. Something ancient. Something forgotten, as the roars of the madman grew greater and greater. His form, however unchanging. It was only perception that changed. An illusion? “No. no…. No!” he shook his head, and stepped back, as he looked at the beings, and smirked with the usual crazed smile, “You are not the vertebrate bugs that I was supposed to meet. You are mere shadows of someone I thought I knew. I am very sorry!” he walked to the dead hobgoblin and lifted the dead creature with careful gaze, before walking to the counter, and placing it down, “I can fix this.. I can fix this…” it didn’t sound that he was sure of what he was doing. The beady eyes ran over the dead carcass, before he picked a glass shard, and began cutting the creature up right then and there, revealing the anatomy of a hobgoblin.
A madman.
“It is okay, it is okay…” he slid his fingerless limb over the forehead of the dead creature, stroking it as if it was a passing family member, before he picked and pulled the intensives, placing the long strands next to the body of a goblin, and began cleaning the belly, murmuring, “You are so alive. They do not even consider that. You see this?” he waved a liver at Harry, “You see what is that they miss! I bet they didn’t think of this, and thus didn’t you, you ass hole!” he tossed the liver to the side, and placed his blood-stained hand on his face, “They only think when it is their turn! Those stupid cock gobblers!” he began to weep, and waved at the scared bunch of the hobgoblins, one in particular, “You come help me, or I will send you where your friend is!” It was a threat enough to make the hobgoblin oblige, since death sounded like an unpleasant venture indeed. The creature stood by the mad man and looked at it’s dead colleague, that ust recently they had a smoking break with. The mad man glared at the goblin, and gave the lungs to it, “Here, hold this for me, until I say otherwise.” the mad man then forgot about the hobgoblin, that was scared shitless. Meanwhile the man dug into the cavities and ribs of the goblin, pulling out kidneys, glands and other good stuff. Of course, he stopped at heart, which he waved it towards Harry, “You’re seeing this shit? I bet they don’t even know why we need this? Do you know why we need hearts?”
Tolerith(revived god)
A man with medium length jet black hair, bright golden draconic eyes and a face that looks like it was sculpted by the gods appears through a golden portal. He wears an all white suit and white boots. On his hip is a sheathed longsword with an ornate handle. He radiates a calm pulsing holy aura that seems to attempt to uplift the spirits of those within its radius.
A madman.
“So that we could be fucking disposed of like worthless work horses,” He flipped the hallowed hobgoblin off the counter, and pushed the one holding the lungs, before walking to the jukebox, “They think that we do not notice. Well, I just did. They remind us all the time. Even within us!” he slammed the music station, letting King Crimson’s Moonchild play, before he walked up to the counter, as if giving lecture to the hobgoblins, “And they say that they love us! What they love is that over there!” he pointed at the mess of the counter, that for now the hobgoblins dared not to clean up, lest they be killed. The soft melody washed over the heads, giving the contrast to the blood stained walls and furniture, while organs were tossed like toys in a children’s room. The man placed his healing hands behind his back, and walked past the lung holding hobgoblin, bobbing his head, “You know, it is funny…” he chuckled, and shook his head, turning to face Harry, and then glanced at the scared bunch, waving his hand at the five, “Hey, music is playing. Come dance and party or something, and you, fetch me some gin,” the man walked by the bar and rubbed the blood on the surface, before sighing, “Might as well live it up, you know…” his head snapped, as he eyed the new comer. “Look who is here. A blind man walks into a bar!”
Tolerith(revived god)
Tolerith chuckles as he orders a bottle of wine mumbling something in draconic
A madman.
The man’s bulging eyes tilted, as hi lifted the blood-stained glass of gin and drank it, before waving the lung holding goblin. He picked the lungs, and tossed it at the mumbling man, “Might as well they could have sent a dog for me. I am sick and tired!” he shook his head, and looked at Harry, pointing at himself, “Am I a joke to you? Seriously?” he grunted, and looked at the goblins that had stopped dancing, tossing a bottle at them, slamming it to the ground, “Dance you ass licking pussy faces!”
Tolerith(revived god)
Tolerith blasts the thrown organ into dust then turns to the madman”stop harassing them”
A madman.
He placed the glass of gin on an invisible, imagined table, letting it fall on the blood soaked wooden floor, as it crashed and made the drink spill. The hobgoblins flinched, as he picked up the nearby kidney of a hobgoblin, and examined the shape of it, tilting his head, and grinning. “I mean, I understand. We are kindergarteners or something around here. Playing with the flowers of forgotten fields, that we cannot even see without being pointed at it. Why are we so blind?” he walked by the scared, bloodstained hobgoblin, and gently cupped it’s cheek, leaning in to kiss it, as tears appeared in the eyes. Tears of fears on the hobgoblin’s face, “It’s okay. They do not even care to give a reason for forgiveness. That is how short handed those bastards are…” he shook his head, and pinched the cheek of the creature so painfully that it yelped across the room. The madman then glanced at the dragonic man, before smirking, “No, no, don’t speak, I can speak for you. I will probably say wiser things than you can ever fathom to dream up…” he pondered to himself, before letting the creature go, and gave it the kidney, “Hold it, the dog spoke.” he glanced at the man and shook his head, “Or what, you will whimper like a tantrum throwing kid you are?” he placed his cheek on hobgoblins cheek. “They are disposable, and we know it. They know it. Everyone knows it…” The hobgoblin wept in fear.
Tolerith(revived god)
Tolerith draws his blade his skin gaining a scaly texture and golden tint
He glares at madman ready to attack
A madman.
“Do you know how many hobgoblins die annually? That’s right. No one fucking cares!” he laughed, and pointed at Harry, “That guy is special, however, because he has a gay ass name. Then again, he does nothing.” he heard the blade, and turned his head, “Oy, you will kill me and then what? Will you go off an masturbate on your justice, on how you blindly acted like a moron?” he challenged Tolerith’s way of thinking. He had no mind to fight, “I mean seriously, take your dildo somewhere else, we all know that you have a dick of a maggot.”
Tolerith(revived god)
Tolerith bears his draconic fangs”i am only acting to protect the innocent. Either you stop now or I will not hold back at all”
A madman.
The verbal double edged sword might hurt the pride more than anything would. The man folded his hand, more than ready to die, since, well, he knew that nothing had any meaning around here anyway. He tilted his head, and pulled the hobgoblin with kidney in it’s hands closer, smirking, and placing a glass shard by it’s neck, “Well then, if you don’t put that sword down, another goblin dies and it will be your fault. Believe me, I can do it quicker than you can imagine a pair of boobs, and I know that justice types like you do that pretty well. Now put down your wack ass toy, and sit down like a good boy, alright? Let the big boys talk!”
Tolerith(revived god)
Tolerith sheathes his blade muttering something under his breath as strange runes appear on his arms glowing bright
He stops the muttering and nothing seems to happen as the runes fade
A madman.
He chuckled. He might not be the fastest, but this wasn’t his first rodeo. “Good, it looks like you wanna burn the joint. Let’s see how crispy you can make these gobs!” he laughed, and pullet the goblin closer to him, pressing the shard by the neck, whilst he began his lecture, “You see, my friends, justice, it even sounds wretched. Who is to judge? Who has the universal document of truth telling? Those who just happened here first? What if they propose child molestation?” he tugged the hostage hobgoblin, as it dared not to let go of it’s colleagues kidney, lest they would be killed, “Or even better, would you jump of a bridge if they praised it? That kind of fake ass bullshit is what results in your fake ass principles and way of life, where you all think you are so special, when in reality, you aren’t even something that has received effort. You are a second grade creation of whom you are ready to lie your pride down for…” he shook his head, and shouted, “PATHETIC!”
Tolerith(revived god)
Tolerith is suddenly in place of the hobgoblin grinning as his skin once again is scaly and holds the golden tint”you will need something much stronger than glass to get through dragonhide”
A madman.
He laughed, and licked the cheek of the hostage, cleaning up the tears, as he commented, “Filthy creature. I am so sorry for you, not even your master loves you. You are just cattle made for people like…” he pointed at Tolerith, “…him to get a boner for some form of purpose, that really has no meaning. Do you think he masturbates with his left or right hand, when he things about how he saved you, when it was my design–” they might have swapped places, but the supposed saved hobgoblin fell dead on the ground with slit throat, “Told you I could do it quicker than you could imagine boobs!” he backed away from Tolerith, and grabbed the next victim. “That is one death on your head!”
Tolerith(revived god)
Tolerith growls his eyes glowing bright gold his aura becoming more of a heavy overwhelming ancient presence. “one more and you will join them”
A madman.
The position was once more made comfortable for the mad man, as the hobgoblin yelped, “Hush, hush, let’s hope that the idiot man does not interrupt me again. Fools are meant to listen, while the wise men speak. Otherwise the world indeed will be covered in the man’s jizz. Justice porn is some heavy stuff you know…” he shook his head, pressing the blade by the green neck, ready to slit it in a moment’s notice once more, “Well then mister murderer. Looks like diplomacy is as weak as your ability to last more than three strokes with your own left hand. What will it be now? Perhaps you have a hard on dead hobgoblin bodies? You perv. You sure you shouldn’t be in jail? Oh that is right, this place has only subjective moral views… Oh I forgot. Then again, that means that what I am doing is just, don’t you think? Oh right…” He just kept on talking and talking, “…you don’t. You don’t even listen you ass hole. You are a murderer. I said to cease your tricks, you you will end up killing another one…” he said, and licked his lips.
Tolerith(revived god)
Tolerith snaps as he instantly casts a ward over the hobgoblins protecting them from any means of harm for the time being”how about you stop being a little coward and face me like a man. Or will you continue on with this little game?” He grins and licks his lips
His fangs glistened in the sunlight
A madman.
He chuckled and shook his head, “You self-righteous twats think it is all fun and games, before blood is on your hands. A result of your own shortcomings… How does it feel now?” he tapped the glass against the hobgoblin’s skin, as he eyed the male, tilting his head, “Feels frustrating right? When everything you do just turns into dust. When there is nothing you can do, because no one would listen to you. RIGHT?” he laughed and spat out old blood, looking back at the man, “When you learn that you are just a figment of some justice, that cannot even fulfil itself.” he laughed, and nodded, “Like a hooveless leg of a horse, you uselessly try to strive for a small gain, only to uplift your own viewpoint of yourself. You aren’t proving yourself to anyone. You are just trash just like everyone else. Just like this hob, just like me, just like Harry over there. We are all disposable. No matter how much you feel about what is just!” he laughed, and pulled the goblin closer, the thick layers of jackets might offer good absorption from physical attacks, since he was virtually dressed like a bum. He tilted his head, and pointed his finger at the hobgoblins head, grinning and looking at the man, whispering something in the creatures ear, as it fell on the ground, screaming in agony, before loosing the life. The man picked the next goblin, and took the first position, “You do know, you cannot safe something from themselves, if they are just so willing to die.” The hobgoblin’s eyes bulged in fear, seeing that no magic could save from this maniac. “No, I am telling serious shit to you, you donkey, but you just are so self-absorbed with your own simplistic way, that you could shit with your mouth, and bring out more sense…”
Tolerith(revived god)
Dragon Teers
( Just a heads up, the Blue Moon Tavern typically has imp waiters. The hobgoblins are the waiters in the Red Sun Inn. It doesn’t mean there would never be a hobgoblin in the Tavern, but they won’t be waiting tables, and imps are the more common npc creature for that location.)
A madman.
It was indeed clear, that his words held some weight, as with a mere whisper, he could let a simple creature like hobgoblin simply loose the life just like that. Almost as if the body refused to go on. One could only wonder what the phrase was. What could one say to let someone else lose their will to live so easily. The madman grinned, pulling the hobgoblin close, as only few were now remaining, “Looks like you killed another one,” he laughed, and waved his glass, shaking the head, and licking his lips, seeing that the man was backing out for some possible rethinking. He bobbed his head, and slid the blade in hobgoblins neck, letting it fall, before making his way towards the door, eyeing the massacre that had been left behind, “Useless offspring of caterpillars with fingers for hands, that cannot even recognize green from blue. Their thought is as empty and baseless as the land they walk upon…” The remaining hobgoblins followed with a shock in their eyes, as the man walked towards the door, stopping and looking to the side, and grinning, “Come and feast on me perhaps? Is sense a mind that has the pattern of an octahedron vanishing into the mind of someone outside our peripeteia visions…” (Thanks for the heads up!) The man then left the establishment, leaving the dead exchange workers to their demise.

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