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Madness of the mind

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 The woods where silent. No birds singing and not even an animal moving. There was a deathly silence that would suggest the balance may be disturbed. The old ones said stories of a guardian of the forest. A small creature that could walk like a person but also had ears and tail in an animal. It was passed from generation to generation until it became a myth. The woods where once vibrant. Almost had a bright glow to it. The trees where healthy and to those with the talent would hear it sing. 

Not now. Now the trees look old and alnost dead. It looked like it was dark and gloomy. There is no song. Why is there no song! Why can’t I hear it! A painful cry comes from deep in the forest. The further you venture the more dead it becomes. In the heart of the first lays the largest tree. On a good day it would glow, it would sing. It would show its power. Now it looks dead. The leaves have withered the bark is pale. why won’t you sing! I healed you! I sung the song why won’t you sing back! A distressed sound comes from beside the tree. There is a person. Almost like a child. She has pink hair that looks messy and tangled. A purple dress that is ripped. Her ears are only just seen though the tangled mess of her hair and the long pink tail looks like it’s damaged with blood stains. She is crying she is hurting. She is screaming I’m all alone. They all vanished I feel nothing I need the song! Give me the song! The cures of a creature that seems broken she scratches her head and pulls her hair. She is mumbling to herself. ”Little Neko all alone crying over broken bones” a psychotic laughter comes out of her followed by a cry of fear no get out of my head! Leave now! Neko not alone! Neko never alone! Give me the song! Please give me the song! she hears no song and curls up in a ball singing it again. The song was once beautiful coming from her. The wordless song filled with meaning that would sink into the hearts of even the most strong. The song of happiness and sorrow. Love and hatred. Happy endings and bad. The song many grew to love and need. “Little Neko all alone, no song will ever come forth”  her darker voice would say in mockery. Neko would cry, laugh, shout and whisper. A darker creature was wanting to take over. “You let me out once and loved it, the pure wild and raging side of you. The darker side of the forest. Do it again and you won’t be alone!” The Neko cries as she rocks in a ball. Her pale skin as she sings the song over and over again. I don’t want to be alone. Bonds broken! Home lost! I saved her but she won’t sing! Why won’t she sing! She cries more and the darker voice seems more convincing “I’m here now and always will be open up to me. Let me make you mine! Little Neko all alone let the wolf guide you home” Neko stops crying. Her eyes open. One eye is blue and one eye is black. Go home? The gentle voice sounds hopeful as the dark voice spins more hope “you can trust the wolf come follow the wolf home” Neko stands up and looks at the tree home she holds her hand out and darkness flows from it. The dark one thinks it has one.

Deep inside the tree something slumbers. A small glow of light. She is there sleeping and waiting, she is not aware of the Nekos pleas. The lady lays there and may be lost to the dark wolf soon 



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