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Madness, War, and Nuclear Fallout

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Hellifyno is in a dangerous state. Filled with roving bands of violent FaE, beset by great gas clouds making millions insane, and now its cities stand at the brink of war. It’s is an unsettling time for the planet of lore, and one which stands on the brink of complete catastrophe.

The Madness Spreads

Gas clouds now appear on all of the major continents. Since the breaking of the Wonderland barrier and the unleashing of the FaE these clouds have turned a bright greenish hue, and are now causing ravening madness rather than death and destruction. This has affected every major city on the planet, with prevailing winds, and other seemingly illogical factors directing the source and direction of their movements.

This has resulted in some cities, such as Consequence, being largely subsumed in cloud area, with others, such as Paracosm which is more remote, only having been subject to random bursts of cloud wash a few times in the last few weeks.

The results of an encounter with the green gas cloud are as variant and resistant to predictive logic as the rest of its characteristics. Some go raveningly mad, others are completely unaffected, with psychosis and maladies all along the spectrum also being possible. In some cases these effects are permanent, or worsening, while they fade for others in days or hours.

One unsettling connection between the outbreaks of insanity seems to be the violent nature it tends to take on. This can be outward violence, which has led to outright riots in some cities, as well as internalized acts of self mutilation.

Medical facilities and aid organizations around the globe have been strained by this situation/ Understaffed and often facing dangerous patients, many remain simply untreated. Others are herded into pens and locked away, and often forgotten.

The Bombing of Persistence

One of the worst effects of the outbreaks of madness was the recent missile attack perpetrated by Consequence on the city of Persistence. Ordered by Tye Sampson and approved by the Consequence city leads, a missile containing a thermonuclear device was fired from the Mountain Fortress into the heart of the city of Persistence where it was detonated.

Luckily, recent efforts by Persistence Trade Lords Isabo Amethyst Hendrix and Sasuke Firemist gave the city some protection, with a shield wall absorbing the majority of the impact and radiation. However, the attack was not planned for and as a result was still able to inflict damage on several city block, shattering buildings, irradiating whole households, and melting the flesh from those unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast.

Tensions between the two cities are tense now, with many in Persistence crying out for war. Tye Sampson, the Executive of Consequence has issued a statement apologizing for the attack, blaming it on the FaE madness, and offering aid to Persistence. He has also called for a coalition of nations to find a way to end this threat.

The Trade Lords have thus far declined to respond, concentrating instead on efforts to rebuild their city, and prepare for whatever might be coming next.

Tensions With Olde Watch Rise

With the madness of the FaE gas cloud spreading even Olde Watch has been threatened, with several instances of the gaseous onslaughts directing themselves at the city. After initial effects caused hundreds to go violently insane the Senate of the city decided to release several thousand gallons of Anti Magic, in gas form, into the air to combat the effects. This had the result of almost instantly solving the problem.

However, now that it’s been released it is very difficult to contain the AM, which has begun floating on the winds of weather and is now drifting dangerously close to the city of Ar’Elis. In response, the Ar’Elians are threatening military violence against the city of Olde Watch if they continue to release AM toxins into the open air. Meanwhile many of its citizens have been left wondering what is worse, the AM death to the north or the insanity cloud to the south.

Roving Bands of Insanity and FAE

Beyond the boundaries of many cities, the wild lands in between have become home to strange tribes of ravening loons. These groups, comprised of a mix of escaped FaE and those affected by the insanity clouds, race across the woods and plains menacing any who are caught alone. They often battle one another, or engage in bizarre blood orgies, but despite their own self destructive nature, the numbers of these marauders is growing.

Calls for Unity and Invasion

Despite the tensions rising between many of the planet’s great powers, there is one group that is using the emergency to put out a call for unity. The Hellifyno Unification Society, a group that has long been working to facilitate better relationships between city states, has put out a call for martial volunteers to join an army that seeks to invade the FAe realm, and stop this madness at its source.

Representative from half a dozen city states across the planet have already pledged forces to this expedition, and unaffiliated volunteers have been rushing to sign up, making all indications point to the possibility that they will be able to raise a sizable force. They are mustering now, on the plains of Ar’Elis just outside of the city, where they plan to launch an attack later tonight on the very heart of the FaE realm.


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