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Mapping out Solar System Bone 8192100 [Skymoon Ancestors Arc] Chapter 8:Part 1

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The Video would begin to be broadcasted to the neighboring solar systems leaders done by Dr. Heather Spidercrab

The Star

They still need to agree on name for this purple and green star is forged by Kyber Crystals and normal sun physical properties


The Planet is like a big sunburn, it is the hotest planet in the solar system but it doesn’t matter much

It is under the command of Dusk who named the planet after a glorious and powerful ruler

Pilot 8312100

Is basically a earth but the geographic is flipped by the poles and the west and east have been switched

This planet was offer to the Representative Mr. Clayton Wade and the Empire in which he represents, in the meantime they still haven’t accepted Jadia Bay’s offer


Named after a Norse Goddess Of Wisdom, ruled by Patragoldbe, the Planet is a complete waterworld following after the quote “You gotta face a challenge, if you wanna win a war” -Illy Hadley, July 20XX

The Planet has a satellite orbiting it created by The Combine Empire to help all the other planets have contact with Cadzenziera

They have an Outpost on one of there moon’s

Esgaia II

Home To Eos-Gaian likely named after another planet, after the threats of the Voilettes, the planet is covered by many mountains but has caves under the ground able to connect to the other 8 districts 

The Planet has beautiful scenery for the Bloodmoons and it’s people


A Planet intoned with the force and many Kyber Crystals for Ben and Anakin’s Solos many empires and mini pieces

The Planet is very hard to know what it looks like however the equator is much hotter and the poles are much wider


Home to the Iron Legion Empire and Represented by Luna Pinkadow, the planet feels like summer however the planet looks like an iceball

The cities people are very prideful about Benjamin Price, the last iron lord

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