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Master’s Grave

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Sentai would be inside of Sanctuary, at the Shrine of Magic…meditating. It was a cool yet warm night, Sentai had not moved for three days since he sat at the Shrine, he was seeking answers to hearing his master’s voice…Matias the Wise. He would then hear his master talk to him again…

“Sentai…my star pupil…I have reached out to you using the very magic that you use to aid you in this revolution. I do not believe in any form of violence…but knowing you, your cause is just and you mean to protect the lives of the many rather than the few. You must go to my grave…and dig it out, you will find a stone inside of a decayed crown. This stone has been used by many Master Mages such as yourself and now it is my turn to pass this stone unto you, it will allow your magical abilities to be amplified as if using the Mage’s Circle and it will allow you to use the Mage’s Circle more than once seven days…my time on this plane has now expired, good luck my pupil and may the elements guide you…”

And with that the area around Sentai would grow quiet once more, tears would be streaking down his face as he bowed to the Shrine of Magic, the tears would grow to sobbing. “I will Master…I will do as you ask…” He would get up and go to the graveyard within Sanctuary, kneeling at his master’s tombstone which read ‘Matias the Wise, Master Mage and Beloved Father‘. Sentai would begin to dig, his tears blurring his vision as he dug faster and faster. Once he reached the coffin he would look up and breathe calmly for what he was about to see….again…

He would open the casket and nearly sobbed again, he would just stare at the skeleton with the stone that his master told him of. He would kneel and grab the stone and sigh before taking it…“I know you instructed me to get this stone master….but I still feel remorse…I am sorry.” He would begin to rebury the coffin under the dirt…hoping he would never have to dig it up again…. 


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  1. Barack Obama 7 years ago

    *Eats your rules*



  2. Incognita (Nita) 6 years ago

    (Aw, makes me sad 🙁 Nonetheless cool post!)

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