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Meanwhile, in orbit…

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A daring moment for the crew of the Valkyrie, as the heavy cruiser continued to drift lazily in her orbit path, breaths were being held in the bridge, yet nothing seemed to change in the other areas of the ship, the engine room was quiet, awfully (for an engine room), there was the murmuring of engineers as repair-tool’s buzzed towards one of the lesser engine systems, there was the stomping of boots upon the floor, and the mechanical whirr of a few robots. The crew had opted to send an android down to the surface of this odd world, using a fighter as transport, for you see- they only had one /actual/ transport ship aboard, and it was far too valuable to them to simply let be shot down… nervousness had draped the ship, engulfing it like a fire a dry forest, and the damn plan hadn’t even launched yet. Where was the captain? The bridge. Overlooking the not so empty void that was space, a hand on his chin- well, on his beard, as deep brown eyes stared across, repairs were still being conducted throughout his ship, and the bridge was busy, managing each sector from here, supplies were low on board, if they turned off systems not necessary, then they’d have at least one or two months, but if they didn’t, no more than 1. The planet hellifyno hadn’t shown to have a fully united planetary government, and so were classed as a Primitive, not in the typical sense, he knows, but classifications are classifications… they seemed to have the tech to be able to form a single government, but why haven’t they, more factors were at play here than his home galaxy, something was off, many things in fact. What was it.. a small scratch at his bushy black beard as he pondered, unaware that magic was indeed a reality upon this world, but, he had successfully made contact with two contacts but those two contacts were very different, one was secretive, and preferred an attempt at espionage, oh he knew about those trackers, and was figuring out how to have them disabled. But the other, Clones, he didn’t believe it himself at first either, not the fact that they were clones in general, but they were clones of a certain individual who simply should not exist, and they were works of fiction in his universe. He didn’t tell them; fear of their reaction had swayed him not to do so, and the advice of a few crew members… and so he continued to stand, in his well decorated uniform, staring out, admiring the cosmos for its obvious beauty, in all his travels, he hadn’t seen it all, and there was so much he wanted to see. top on the list… well, that was a secret, but second, a Trinary star system, he had viewed a Binary star system with his own eyes once, the two stars dancing around each other’s gravitational pull like a moth around a lamp. But, it was not his job to explore the stars and uncover their secrets, those were left to the science ships. But here he was, a whole new place, all alone… that is what it felt like… it was hard to connect with his crew most of the time, he had troubles socialising a lot of the time…. his gaze remained about the cosmos…
“Begin the operation” 

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