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Medical Report: Kara Danvers / Kara Zor-El – Present Day in Medical Bay 12/20 – 2017

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The thoughts of Kara after what happened:

I remember the mission. The sounds… the voices… everything. What happened and how close it was to not making it out of there.

Time was in short supply. Each time we stopped we lost valuable time. Something we didn’t have enough of.

We were supposed to go in pairs – me and Kirk were one. Tyler and Cadet Daniels was the other. Yet separations happened.

The plan had to work. Once the satellites had been moved out of range, I went planetside. Yet I didn’t meet up with them. Someone had to plant the explosives.

It had to be me.

Fett double-crossed us and the Sith known as Vance Dane got away. With the Jedi by the name of Naomi.

Fett was also mortally wounded. It was a miracle she was alive by the time we escaped.
Via our comms we found out that Diana Prince was in orbit inside one of our ships. As far as we know, both Naomi and Vance are onboard said ship.

Kai didn’t make it. Daniels’ brother. He… he would have compromised us – the entire operation.

Kirk gave the right order.

I did the right thing.

War is not pretty – War isn’t fair.

The prisoners were located and secured. All while the prison was in lockdown. The alarms… the red lights… and the unending waves of enemies.

When we were about to escape, the Sith Lady finally showed herself and attacked Kirk. It got him bad.

I was not going to leave him behind. Not again. No one was to be left behind.

No one.

I won’t put him through that pain and suffering again. No one deserves that.

No one.

I picked him up, along with Fett. We had to escape. Time was running out.

We escaped.


The prisoners were saved – the prison was blown to pieces.

We survived.



Doctor Alexandra Danvers’ Medical Report:

”Everyone has been placed in the Medical Bay. Prisoners included. The injuries of everyone involved vary from mild to fatal. The staff has been working non-stop throughout the night. Sleep is a luxury we can’t afford right now.”


”Micro pauses are had in between. Doctor McCoy and the medical staff are reassuring me that everyone is stable as I write this report. Everyone is on this task – everyone pitching in.”

”Kara has burns all over her body. Her costume was ruined. Yet her wounds will heal over time and there will be no permanent injuries or scars.”

”Her solar reserves are in need of recharging, else she is risking a case of Solar Flare. I have a modified sun lamp available at all times while she’s resting.”


”Kara awoke at one point, complaining about the wounds itching and was intent on helping the others. While admirable, I can’t have her do anything hasty at this point. Ointments have been applied. The same has been applied to Jim and his injuries to ease the pain. As with Kara, the Accelerated Healing Factor will heal most if not everything. All that is needed is time, rest and the occasional medical examination.”

”Bacta canisters should be carried by everyone on the field from here on out. They will help a great deal. Kara has been given a hospital gown and she’s conscious. I have a feeling the others will wake up soon enough. I must run another round.” – Doctor Danvers out!




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