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Meet Your New Master

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As they left Kida’s subconscious she took a different turn. The end of the portal dropped in a cell where her daughter’s body was waiting. Though everyone followed the right path through this rabbit hole, she turned towards the darkness. Allowing it to surround her already black soul. She dropped out in a dirty alley near the docks outside of town.

She moved from the shadows walking down the path before her following the stench of blood. She wore black heels that clicked off of the stones with every step she took, black leather pants hugged her body like a second skin, a white silk top formed to her curves perfectly, her long white hair was pulled back in a braid, silver glowing eyes looked around the nearly vacant part of Twine these things seemed to inhabit and a smirk rested on those bright red lips of hers.

She followed the path of blood, not on the ground no that would be too revealing it was in the air. The smell of dried, muddy, sweaty old blood. The distinct smell of mistreated slaves.

The path lead her to a door she didn’t bother knocking she did not care for manners at the moment, instead she lifted a single leg kicking the door down and walking inside.

She could smell her Daughter and the others in the distance….. Dungeons maybe. But they were alive…. In the corner was a being hidden in the shadows its eyes gleaming towards her. She made her way over sitting down across from her new client.

“Do you agreeee… to the termssss….. We discussssed?” It’s voice hissed out towards her.

She tilted her head in response to his words as she heard the battle beneath them began, her lips forming into a grin as her nails began to tap against the table top.

“I will take them off of your hands…. And any more you wish to dispose of.” Her tapping nails stopped. Her fingers itching for her dagger. “Though my part of the deal has yet to be confirmed. You will no longer hunt on this land” Her voice so soft so caressing almost hypnotic as it made its way to his ear.

“Yessss… Yessss….. You payyyy the priccceee…. We will hunnnnt elssswhere…” It hissed out at her. The thing was starting to get jumpy. She supposed it could feel the fighting in the dungeons below and wanted to get as far away as possible. It slid a slimy boney black hand out to her.

She reached out sliding her delicate hand into his gripping it tight not letting him pull his out of her grip as she stood leaning across the table. Moving into his shadows leaning over him.

“As long as the ones below live… You will get your money” She purred down to him.

“Yessss…. Yessss…. Jussssttt” He tucked to get his hand free.

She grinned releasing him she pulled a black velvet back from the holster on her thigh tossing it over to the thing. It’s slimy hand reached out catching it before disappearing. Probably running off to safety.

She stood making her way to the dungeons and through the beasts that were now surrounding the portal back to Hellifyno. She sliced and stabbed here and there making her own path through the beasts until she made it to the portal. She was the last one through to safety before the bomb was set off to kill everything on the other side. The portal closing shortly after.

As everyone was busy celebrating she slipped out the back door unnoticed. Heading to her office. She had a large shipment coming in that she just could not miss. A sly grin forming over those red lips once more.

((This is the absence of Valno during the mission to Twine Island with Kida La Morte))



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