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Meeting ~Augustus~ Part XIII The Things I Never Told You

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           Broken…lost…confused… All three emotions spun out of control, seeping into a single mind. A gaze of distortion flickering uneasily, restlessly around to look at each of the walls. Emerald eyes listened in the heated night, watching a man whose own pair were a deep chocolate brown. She was…waiting. Such sadness was held there. Contained within the tortured and rough gaze that slid along the naked form of a woman. Outlining every crevice of her body. Every scar. Every single imperfection. She could feel him, feel his turmoil. Now even he could hide that right at that moment when you first begin to solve a jigsaw puzzle…

           A kis was pressed to soft, tender lips. But the response was hesitant. Like the female had already been betrayed. Like the waiting game was over. The edges were forming in her mind, creating the general outline. Already, she was lost. This was enough for the salty black blood to trail down her softened, porcelain cheeks. Enough to make her body turn from his. Enough to make her reject him for but the briefest of moments. A clearly spoken refusal dictating her wishes that simply ended with a stilled and inevitably hushed silence.

           The night already felt heavy. a full moon rose within the night sky. There was a double betrayal hanging in the air between the two lovers. One wasn’t speaking. Wasn’t allowing the other to help, to assist. He was refusing to let her be with him, even in the worst of moments. A broken wedding vow. And that scared the female… already spoke the distress of the night. But she…she also refused his orders. Refused to let him know what was wrong. Why she shed tears. Refused to move just as he pleased. A refusal that meant more than his silence. For it was one that had never come to being before.

           The words that the man spoke sounded so…forlorn. tired. Helpless. Like he’d truly given up already. And one thing in particular struck a nerve. “I’ll give you something that you’ll forever remember.” The way he’d spoken those few words was wrong. Off. In her mind, it registered as something she’d never remember. Something she’d lose, that he’d take away just as quickly as he had given it. The thought brought on such a wave of overwhelming distraught that she turned to face him, immediately ducking her head and settle it against his well toned chest.

           Delilah knew Augustus was thinking. He was far too quiet. Not a word had been uttered yet, not one word even mumbled. But she also knew that he kept quiet or a reason. He was leaving. The vampiress was smart, wildly intelligent. She had filled in all the pieces only seconds after hearing Japeth’s words in the graveyard. And somehow, this was to be expected. He was going to destroy all they had built. Or had never been real to begin with. Effortlessly, he pulled her closer to him. She could feel the heat radiating from his skin and mingling with the icy chill that was his wintry breath against her exposed flesh. It was enough to make her shiver, wrapping and entangling their legs together. She moved, just slightly, as if to shift herself. And there was a flinch in her eyes.

           “I need to tell you something…before it’s too…” Her words trailed off at seeing the facial expression adorning her husband’s features. His anger. The fear. so instead of continuing her words, they ended there. And then, there was the pain within his chest. A pain she could feel just as strongly as he. It was then that she was absolutely sure he’d regret whatever it was he was going to do. And it made her pull away for but just a moment. A pause of hesitance. And then a sigh…she knew what was coming.

           Had Augustus been less cautious, less…out of it, perhaps she would’ve told her. Would’ve let him know. Perhaps she would’ve feigned ignorance to even make the matter easier. minimal. But the moment he had kissed the top of Delilah’s head, she could hear his jaw snap and lock. She could feel the abrupt tension. Feel him fighting all the emotional sorrow that was gnawing at his body. The way he held her so possessively, prepared her for what happened next.

           He had left her side, giving her the sign that he was going to do something any moment now. And as he spoke: “Delilah, we have to get up and change.” She began going through the motions lifelessly. The kiss was pressed to dead lips, emotionless and cold. Lilah then moved to the shower, letting the hot steaming water fall down her back. a scent of lilac’s submerged into her skin. cold hands pressed against her shoulders even as the water tumbled out and cleansed her.

           A voice whispered to her… “He’s leaving you Delly. Now you have no one. Yor family’s dead. He took you from your life in Tuscany. And now, now he’s abandoning you.” Lilah didn’t reply to the voice. Instead, she stared off into a vast vacant space. How much time had passed? Her hands reached out on their own accord, shutting off the water. “He’ll make sure you don’t remember. He’ll make sure you’re all alone. and when you awaken, he’ll be long gone.” The voice dripped with malice, even as its owner slipped a dress over Delilah’s body.

           “Is this really what you want?” It hissed at her, her skin prickling with a sense of betrayal. But she didn’t reply. She just allowed the man to dress her. and surprisingly, it was in the same dress she wore the night she had met Augustus. “Poor Delilah, all alone. Do you have o self pity?” All she did was snarl. But the voice remained while she trailed down the staircase, her hair held back, wearing an almost ball gown, and the necklace Augustus had given her which remained hidden between her breasts.

           Still, that distant look remained. Like she were being controlled, in a trance. the movements were far too robotic and uncaring. At the arm Augustus stretched out to her, she accepted it with ease and grace. however, his smile was met with an unwavering frown. A frown that was beyond set. Tonight would not be a good night. So why pretend? She paid no mind to his words, the abrupt take off. Instead, Del accepted the walk with matched silence.

           At a man’s hand rising to her eye level, she stared in the direction it pointed. there was a restraunt that was pointed out. ‘So…this is it then.’ The words pounded into her mind, wishing she could shrug Augustus off. Wishing he wouldn’t be doing this. She didn’t look up at his face, so she didn’t see the sorrow. She only felt it and found herself shying away from both the building and her mate. Yet, she didn’t fight him. Instead she let herself be led to a table. She noted the formality. The way he pulled the chair out. the way he held himself. The blood he slid to her…

           Emerald eyes held those of chocolate brown. Feeling the dominance slowly creeping over her. “Augustus…please…don’t.” The words were broken and whispered. an instant notification that she knew what he was doing. but it was too late. the memories were gone. There was a sorrow, a sorrow as she clung to the frailty of the situation. The voice in her mind humming to her. humming a lullaby. And it was enough for the tears to begin forming.

           She felt the hatred, but stronger than that was the unsettling depression looming ever so closer. the kiss to her lips was the final straw. “Don’t.” The word was whispered again. and then…nothing. something was gone, but she didn’t know what was happening. there was only one thing she could think of. But that didn’t make sense to her at the moment. a sudden betrayal flooded her gaze while she watched the man in front of her walk away.

           Broken…lost…confusion…she stood moment after he left, ignoring the gold. Ignoring the people. Instead, she entered the cab previously mentioned. “Mrs. Giovanni, where to?” She looked confused. Who? She was wounded. And then another man entered with her. “The Rousseau mansion. Immediately.”

           Then her world went black…

           When she awoke, it was to a soft humming. so familiar. So…long ago. It was comforting. But it was the wrong voice. So soft..sleep…sleep…settling in. Italy… Her eyes snapped open to see a figure there. Michael. And in his hands…something clicked. Her eyes fell to a child within his arms. A baby girl..

           “Eurydice…Eurydice Giovanni…”

                      A gun shot sounded…

                                 Then the sound of a baby girl wailing….

                                            And then her eyes closed one last time…

***This is the last of the Meeting ~Augustus~ Blogs. Thank you for reading </3***

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  1. Eurydice 7 years ago

    What date did this all take place on? >.>

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