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Meeting Imingo

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Red Inn - Persistence

Pinkle: Pinkle looked from the side, her sights were set on the red-haired man having his puffing session and coffee. She frowned as uncertainty flashed from her eyes, she was afraid of what this world is. It is far too different from whence she came from. She bit her lips and hid behind a bush near what appears to be an inn, her mind was looking for ways to speak to the red-haired looking man. He did appear to be as normal as she is, and so she started planning of ways to talk to him. It proved too difficult for her, since she had not spoken properly to any one aside from her parents. She did speak occasionally; however, it was far too awkward and too short to count as a conversation. She was worrying too much, and so, she shook her head and stood up, straight and tall, getting all the courage she could, with hesitant steps turned to confident strides, she stood before the red-haired man. Her lips twitched before she bit her lips, and a squeak came out from her mouth. “H-hello”. She blushed and looked uncertainly at the man before her, her feet shuffling left and right as she awkwardly swayed and cleared her throat, her eyes averting from him.

Imingo: Some music would have been nice, but no jukeboxes outside the inn. Shame. Still the whispering of the birds did do the trick for Imingo, and he listened to these outlandish birds, many of which reminded him of his own home. At that moment he did wonder of all the animals that might have traversed to here and flourished. Something made his skin crawl for a moment, and with smoke trailing from the blunt, he glanced around. And soon the reason was seen. The man blinked once, noticing an Asian looking girl with no accent in her English dialect. A local? Maybe. She did not seem to mind his smoking habits, so it seemed. “Hi…” Imingo responded to her, and invited her to sit, however fruitless it might be, as Pinkle’s eyes were averted from the man, thus he spoke once more. “Can I help you?” he inclined his head. There wasn’t much he could help with however, him being just a regular human in a magical world.

Pinkle: Pinkle was lost in thought, wondering what she should say next. She, however, did see the commotion going inside the inn, a pretty looking woman, a handsome giant man and some creatures were inside. She heard him respond to her, she couldn’t help but involuntarily flush. She cleared her throat before mustering up the courage to look upon the man, once again. She waved her hands at him as she resisted the urge to start shuffling her feet. “Ummm” She started. She couldn’t think of any reason why he’d even accept her company, but it would seem that he doesn’t mind her presence. She looked at the man as she blinking quietly, pondering if she should be frank or thread cautiously. “I-uh” She cleared her throat once again before summing up the courage to say one whole sentence while she wrung her hands together in front of her. “I’m new here. Umm that is to say, I don’t suppose you’d mind me tagging along with you?” Her tone was nervous and her Japanese accent highlight her words.

Imingo: Perhaps her nervousness did kick in some accent. Imingo smiled at her, and waved his hand, “As long as you don’t mind couple smoke, I don’t mind. Feel free to sit down.” he invited, and scuffed to the side, to let her sit by the table, as he himself leaned his back against it. An empty dish and half-finished coffee were an indicator that he had just finished his meal. Eyeing her, he pondered for a moment, letting her settle in, before speaking. “You said you are new here. Do you mean that you are not from around here? From where are you then?” he asked her, lightly curious, since it was a good way to gain some experience and knowledge. The girl did appear like coming out from some sort of Anime or something. However, the soft appearances made her seem even more of a cosplayer than anyone he had seen thus far, making him wonder.

Pinkle: Pinkle sat down on the available sit near to the red-haired guy. “I d-don’t mind.” She huffed out as she sat straight, her body tense as she looked and observed the man. It was the first time she’s ever seen someone with natural red-hair. She looked at him and wondered where he came from. However, before she could start interrogating him, he was already asking her where she came from. She don’t really mind saying where she’s from, however, she blushed at the thought of seeming like an alien before the guy. “I’m from Japan.” She blurted out quietly, before continuing to ask as she gestured towards him. “You?”. She couldn’t help but ask in simple curt words as It really was a new experience for her, to talk to another who’s not blood related, and more so, a guy. As she was asking him this, she started looking around, now properly observing her surroundings. She did think it looked far better than from where she was. She sighed as she looked, observing how the people inside the inn could interact effortlessly. She compared it to how she was communicating right now, and she embarrassingly looked down, wondering if the guy is annoyed with her yet.

Imingo: Couple puffs of his joint were taken, as he tapped his roll, to let some ashes fall in the ash tray on the platter, before he sipped the coffee. A blissful smile on his face made it clear, that Imingo was having the time of his life. And with the commotion inside the inn and with an adorable stranger by his side, day seemed pretty good thus far. He tapped his feet to a song that had began sounding in his head. A sticky little tune, that was a little bit too childish to admit, but alas, in such state, anything goes, he thought. He glanced at Pinkle, and wondered if she had some sort of Japanese name to go with that accent. All these thoughts however, minuscule, since they were basically daydreaming at play. Imingo then almost choked, “Japan?” he blinked and looked at her, tilting his head, surprised to hear a location he was familiar with. Judging by her appearance and her way of speech all fell in places. This did make him smile, “I am, um… From Berlin… Germany. I am… was an exchange student there…” Imingo now was the stuttering one, mildly collecting himself, he leaned back and sipped his coffee, “So… how did you end up here?” he decided to inquire. Maybe the two could look for a way home together. Always nice to have another one in the travels.

Pinkle: Pinkle was surprised to hear that he came from the same world as her. She gasped quietly before some tears leaked from her eyes as she sobbed happily. She couldn’t help but reveal some of her joy. At last, she found someone she could totally talk to. She knew that no matter how the beings from here looked, as long as they weren’t from where she was, she wouldn’t be able to cope and interact well. Her previous shy demeanor and some of her walls crumbled, and for the first time, she looked at him fully. Looking at him as if he’s the only normal being around, which is to say, wasn’t entirely wrong. For the first time since she came to this world, she was able to observe without anxiously worrying. She looked at the empty dishes he had for a meal before him, the coffee and his cigarette before she responded with delight. “I don’t really know, I was supposed to be traveling with my parents, but all I remember is sleeping inside a train, and waking up to an empty meadow, though I do have to say that it was a beautiful sight to wake up to. However, it was quiet terrifying to wake up to somewhere unfamiliar.” She rushed out as she explained, her delight couldn’t be hidden from her voice. She didn’t notice it herself, but she knew, she hasn’t really been paying much attention to her surroundings, and for the first time that her guard is down, she could see things clearly and a blooming hope filled her chest as she looked at him giddily, the man looked like a god in front of her. “How about you? How did you end up here.”. She tilted her head as she wondered out loud. 

Imingo: Couple smokes were taken, as behind his ear the grass crept up to him, tickling his mind with funny ideas. His shirt waved along with his long red hair, making it almost seem like strands of a dress of some unknown beauty. His orange eyes blinked slowly as melodies in his head rested like nesting birds of the spring, chirping away like they did in the canopies on the other side of the road. His foot tapped, as his legs were crossed. His gaze turned to appreciate the appearance of the small girl besides him. Wondering about Japan and Berlin, he did ponder, if they ever get to return, where will they end up. Saving up some gold or something for travels would be a smart idea. It was then when he noticed tears on her face, and lightly leaned in, placing the blunt to the side, lifting his hand, but not being able to get out an ‘are you alright’ out he curled the said hand in a fist, and leaned out, thinking hard what to say to her, but then she spoke and he nodded. Seems like Pinkle was having it rough. Whilst Imingo was a lone traveller all over the Europe, there she was, a Japanese girl separated from her parents. What made the two special, they came from relatively peaceful world, and here where fauns were set ablaze, it might be rough out here. As she spoke, he placed his hand on her shoulder for comfort, to let her know, that at least someone was here for her, and gave a nod. This more or less did fall in place with his own story. It happened like a snap, and soon he wasn’t in Berlin. “Yeah… Happened like that to me…” he decided to speak, and nodded, “At first I thought that I blacked out from a party.” he joked, and looked at her, pondering that since they weren’t in the normal world, age would be of no worry. He passed her the blunt, “Want some? Might help you feel a little better.” He knew that Japanese were pretty strict about these things. Even coming from the same world they had their differences. “No worries, I smoke this myself.”

Pinkle: Pinkle shook her head before she politely refused. “No, thank you. However, it was very kind of you to offer.” She smiled warmly; she knew that nicotine can help relax people and so, knowing it was from his good and pure intention, she politely refused. She couldn’t help but wonder where her shyness has fled to. She smiled as she looked at her hands, before she looked at him, chuckling to his joke. All of these seemed like a dream, the magical beings she met, how everything worked around here. There were some fairies when she traveled up to here. She did know this could be a paradise, a fantasy she knew she would have liked if it was a virtual game. However, this was reality, and every creature that speaks and breathes were far too intimidating for her. She did know she likes to cosplay a lot, those pretty anime girls she used to watch always did seem kind of exotic to her, and so, she looked like a medieval purpled hair maiden. She was relieved to feel that the red-haired guy is real, as she felt the warmth from his hands touching her shoulder and the breath he huffed out from those lips. Now that she knew that he was from her world, she grew curious to the guy’s name. She knew she couldn’t just refer to him as “you” or the “red-haired guy” in her mind, that would be quite awkward and so she asked him. “My name is Pinkle, how about you?” Her words were quite frank as she did know how to rephrase it to seem rather, much more friendly.

Imingo: His hair waved as he dared not to move much, since the talks had gotten a little more bitter than they might prefer it. He glanced at his bag for a moment, thinking of pulling out some napkins. A trace of thought in his head, that there was not a way to tell the girls age, since people like her had a very young look about themselves. Then again, mention of her parents did make him think that she possibly was a highschool girl. Then again dressed like this. Where they on their way to comicon or something. Then again, he did not question her dressing appearances. Might have been on a way to a costume party. In his palm her shoulder seemed small, almost fragile. Come to think of it, this European had never talked to someone from that side of the world. Not that close up at least. The skies above them shone with a light tinge, as the wind passed Imingo and Pinkle. At this moment it felt very normal. Almost as if they were at a bistro right there in Berlin or something. The house design and everything did make it feel that everything was already fine. What a scary illusion to have at that moment. He tapped his foot once more, partially that he was slightly stressed about the situation, and that there was a melody in his mind, as it always was. And because he was a little bit high. Many reasons for a simple motion, of course. Seeing her reaction, he placed the blunt between his lips and puffed it, letting the smoke escape. He gave a nod, “You probably are too young to smoke it anyway,” he pondered loudly, and glanced down at her, noting her expression, “Imingo.” he placed the joint on his lips once more, as it was slowly burning out, nearing the point where there would be no grass to hide in. “Pinkle? That is a peculiar name to have…” Well, Imingo was to talk. Looks like both of their names had some connection to colour. “But a cute one, at that,” he corrected, in order not to seem too rude. He did not find her to be intrusive at all. In order to let the feeling remain friendly, he let her go, as topic turned into a more positive one, and leaned back, eyeing the blunt, before hitting it again. Smirking lightly, he looked at her, “You can get food and rooms here for free. I doubt that anyone just came your way to tell it.” It would be a shame if a girl like her would have to risk it sleeping in wilderness.

Pinkle: Pinkle was far too pre-occupied with earlier thinking on how to converse with Imingo and her outburst and his big reveal were far too stimulating for her. She did not notice that they were far too close from each other. Her culture dictates a safe distance between male and females, not this close, and so, not wanting to be rude, she lightly slid farther from the seat, pretending to ponder, although it was quite true, she did have a lot of things to ask him. However, before she could ask further questions bugging her, she heard him speak a few important facts. She smiled and nodded at him, thanking him for the information he just gave, grateful that she’ll be able to eat good food and sleep at a proper bed. “So…” She trailed off before thinking once again. “How did you find this inn?” She gestured at the inn before them, noticing new faces appearing inside the inn, she tilted her head in wonderment as she surveyed their surroundings. It was indeed beautiful, it was far too mystical as she noticed some rune carvings she only finds in manga and anime she watches carved on the outlines of the inn, wondering if there’s some kind of special ability within those runes or just a simple defense towards attacks. She watched, wondering what the inhibitors of the inn are doing, she could hear their muffled voices, however, their distance was quite far for her normal hearing range to decipher their words. She sighed ruefully, thinking how alike her life right now with the anime she usually watches. Looking up to the sky, she relaxed and watched the colors usually not found in bustling cities, but more so near farms and forests in her world, however, the sky this time was tinged with too many colors, forming quite a spectacular sight.

Courtney: *Courtney came a Soft wave to Pinkle* “But what if I said I maybe able to get you the answers you want?”

Imingo: Seems that a Hobgoblin came to collect some the plate that was by the Pinkle and Imingo. He motioned to keep the coffee cup, that was still unfinished, and the ashtray. The man blinked and turned to face the girl, pulling the last smokes, before pushing the bud in the tray, and drinking out the last drops of the coffee, before stretching lightly, looking down at the grass, thinking some ponderous thoughts. A small thud in the inn, made him look at the windows, as there was some commotion inside. Good thing he had decided to sit outside. These were the things Imingo worried about. Falling in situations that had some tension in them. He had no tools of protection, not that he was aware of, anyway. The man averted his gaze from the window, that had the silhouettes, looking back at the girl, and mildly pondering as to what the girl was thinking. He pushed the cup and tray away, as the light breeze did feel like a pillow on his cheek. Thoughts of taking a nap did pass him. But he had to make sure that his fellow Earthling was safe at the very least. He couldn’t show his face if he had ever returned alone. The red hair fell down his shoulder, making the way to his very belt, as the slightly unbuttoned shirt with the white colour complimented the tones. He did note her gesture, thinking that perhaps he had made her feel uncomfortable. Well, it was a possibility. There she was sitting next to someone, that could be labelled as a pothead. Not that he could blame her, thus he did not make much of it. The head tilted, as he pursed his lips. “Probably the same way you did… I just… stumbled upon it.” He said, looking at the building and looked the writings. They did seem pretty English to him. This did surprise him right from the start. “You know it’s weird. Why would people in a magical world speak in English…” he bobbed his head, and looked back at her, noticing her wandering stare. Seems like she was taking in some form of beauty. The man silently allowed her to do just that, as the ash tray and the cup was taken away.

Pinkle: Pinkle blushed, seeing from the corner of her eyes a female with a scythe on her back waving at her. She did not know the girl, however, it did seem polite to wave back, and so she did. She waved at her a bit before flushing and bowing, turning away from her once again, her attention drawn to Imingo. Pinkle didn’t notice the peculiarity of the world, she didn’t really dwell much on it, nor did she wonder how everyone seemed to be able to understand each other, speaking one common language, which seemed to be English. However, after Imingo pointed out such peculiarity, she bobbed her head as her eyes widened, and a gasp of surprise and curiosity escaped her lips. She now, did wonder, how in the world they could speak and understand each other, much less, all of the creatures she came upon were all speaking in English. “I, I wonder so too!” She told him lightly as she looked at him before glancing at the hobgoblin, feeling shy as she noticed his stare. However, glancing upon the plates, she noticed that she hadn’t had anything to eat thus far, and so, with renewed courage and a bit of shyness, she stuttered out an order, wondering if her favorites would be served here. “I-, Can I o-order some P-pizza, fires and a milkshake please?” She stuttered out before blushing, looking at Imingo, wondering if it was alright.

Imingo: The trace of his thought lingered for a moment, as he managed to make a simple plan. A plan that might work for the two for now. Simply to get her a room, and introduce her to be able to take anything edible here for free. Showers, warmth. It almost did feel like the place was some sort of charity house for people like them. Which he did not mind. He pulled out a regular smoke this time, and placed it between his teeth, lifting the lighter, but then glancing at the girl, and decided to spare her the turmoil, pulling the thing out, and returning it into the packaging, sliding lighter in as well, before leaning back, leaning on one of his elbows. His eyes traced to the girl with a massive weapon talking to a rather filthy person. Looks like Pinkle was a magnet for trouble. He traced in, before noting her speak up for herself just fine. Perhaps the man was a little too overprotective of his earthling fellow. He sighed, as it made sense, that phones did not work in this world, since satellites and services would not be the same, if there would be some at all. The man glanced at the girl, and gave her a light nod, “Should be brought to you soon,” He then tilted his head and mildly teased her, “You sure you won’t get fat from such hefty meal?” he teased her, and looked at the window once more. Seems like the woman giving attention to Pinkle and the Zombie looking guy were having a rather heated discussion. “Still is hard to get used to this place,” he stated.

Pinkle: Pinkle nodded before glancing at what Imingo was looking at. “I’m sure I won’t get fat, I have a fast metabolism and I rather like Pizza, fires and milkshake.” She blushed before inclining her head towards the girl who waved at her and the dead looking creepy dude. She found his appearance quite disturbing. However, for politeness sake, she didn’t comment on it. She was curious, she found him outside the inn, however, it seems most of the people residing inside the inn were inside it, having some kind of discussion. She looked at Imingo and asked. “Do you know them? Why ever are you not inside and you’re here, smoking?” She leaned back on her seat, trying to relax as she finally hunched her back, noticing how stiff her shoulder already is before she continued speaking. “Is it a non-smoking area inside?” She curiously asked him, wondering if all the creatures, including the girl who waved at her and the zombie looking man, were acquainted with Imingo.

Imingo: That makes you very lucky, I suppose,” he nodded at her words, and looked at the girl, who seemed to fixed at the two as well, before glancing at the girl’s eyes as she looked back at her. “Um…” She caught her off guard, but he did have a reason. “Why sit inside in such a lovely day? Not that I am too keen on getting in trouble or feel the stuffy air, especially when some pyromaniacs walk around time to time,” he then added to her comment, “I did smoke inside. They seem not to mind it.” he then chuckled to himself, reminding himself of one situation, that had occurred, before he followed her gaze to the weird bunch, adding, “Have to admit, I have been smoking more, since I got here. But there isn’t much to do. Free food, free rooms. Aren’t quite the motivators to get around. I do wonder if they have festivals or some stuff like that…”

Pinkle: Pinkle nodded at his words before continuing to silently watch what’s happening inside the inn. “I wonder so too; I don’t think there’s any purpose in being here. I guess, usually in anime or manga, there’s something to be done, but since I’ve been here, I’ve only ever seen beings talk with each other, have some small petty disagreements. However, aside from that, there hasn’t been anything big to talk about. Though, I’m assuming, our purpose should be to get out rather than to accomplish something in this world.” She comments out to Imingo as she reflected on her journey towards the inn. She did find the beings here quite fascinating, and beguiling. However, fascinating creatures doesn’t entail good things, it makes it hard for her to judge their character, not knowing whether the information she knew of dragons, fairies, gods and goddesses apply in this world. “I do suppose having festivals here would be quite fun, it’s quite dull. Well, aside from small arguments. She gestured towards the inn, wondering if they are talking about anything important or just debating about ideals.

Imingo: The red hair waved with the wind slightly, as he tapped his finger against his elbow, once the hands were folded. A slight gust of wind had beginning to settle to be colder. His sniffed slightly, feeling a distant whiff of blossoms by the windows, that still danced underneath the window sill as if hearing the music in Imingo’s head. His tangerine eyes looked down at the girl, wondering about her for a brief moment. Her parents must be very worried for her there on the other world. This made him think if people were worrying about him as well. He will probably fail the university for sure, by not being found at all. How he could explain this. ‘Sorry I got transported to another world?’ This will hardly pass as a plea for insanity. The man shook his head at his own thoughts, looking back at the grass. Not that he had many people that he knew. Perhaps this place wasn’t so bad for him. Pinkle might be the only person that could motivate him to seek an exit. “Yeah…” seems like he was on a similar wave with her. “I do wonder, tho, will it be possible. This place isn’t that bad, I must say,” he looked at her, “Free food, free rooms, no major political struggles. Maybe we died and got into paradise,” he joked darkly, and looked at the inn, nodding, “Yeah, the people here do seem a little petty.” he had to agree. Fights about boyfriends and knitting needless. “Then again, if people fight about petty things, maybe this place is not so bad off…”

Pinkle: Pinkle quirked a brow at Imingo. “I do suppose that staying here forever is an option.” She pondered out loud, wondering if she indeed could spend her life lazying about, doing nothing but listen, watch and observe people fight and argue about many things. Her eyes were focused on the people inside the inn, watching how they interact, although she couldn’t hear what was being said, she did assume that somehow, the atmosphere inside the inn was far from jolly or friendly. It was quite peculiar, her, considering whether it would be far better staying in this world, free food and all of that, or finding her way back to her parents, her loved ones. Remembering them, she sniffled lightly, thinking and wondering if ever they are looking for her, whether or not they thought her dead or something. Thinking whether it was her soul transported to another world and her body found lifeless or soulless back from her world. She shook her head, wanting to think positively. She did know that it is indeed tempting to stay here, free food was all she was after, plus she has some good company and an entertaining show, a drama, playing before her eyes. She hummed before looking at him. “Are you entertaining the thought of staying here? Cause if you are, then I am too.” She looked at him, honesty laced on her words.

Imingo: He listened to her comment giving a light nod. Lazing around didn’t sound that bad. There was a lot more to explore here for sure than back at Earth. He looked at her, as she focused on the people. A sniffle made him, place his hand around her, as he muttered. “Well… Maybe if we explore this place, we will find a way back. Your parents must be worried about you,” Of course, he voiced his concern to her. She was a child in his eyes, all alone in a scary unfamiliar world. Last thing she needed was to follow a lazy student. However he cocked his eyebrow at her comment. “Are you saying that you would stay here If I did?” he somehow had hard time following up with her trusting a stranger that much, even if they came from the same world. He took back his hand, and scratched his cheek. “I guess we could look for a way. But, then, we should rest up first. Get some information.” He nodded.

Pinkle: Pinkle nodded, understanding where he’s coming from. She knew it was quite hard to believe that she’s too trusting on strangers, but she did feel quite comfortable with Imingo. She grew silent, as she let him comfort her, her attention not straying from the inside of the inn. She tilted her head in curiosity. “Are we going in now? I think they’re having some kind of ‘discussions’”. She noted as she glanced at Imingo for a single moment before her attention flew back towards the people inside the inn.

Imingo: “I am hesitant to enter as well…” Imingo said to her, frowning and looking at her meal, “Why don’t you finish your pizza and milkshake. You did order some. Maybe it blows over, once you finish,” he said hopefully to her, while the man tapped his hand, and decided to pull out a cigarette and light it after all. This rather stressful situation with them being separated from rooms with an argument was asking for some puff. He lit the light and glanced at Pinkle, “You don’t mind, do you?” he inclined his head.

Pinkle: Pinkle shook her head. She hadn’t noticed the Pizza, fries and milkshake set before her on the table. She wondered how she hadn’t noticed it before shrugging. She took her time as she took two slices of pizza on both her hands, eating a bite on each before she looked at Imingo, noticing her lack of etiquette, she munched properly and gulped down the pizza before offering some. “Would you like some?” She asked before taking another bite, this time, going slow, watching her manners. She eyed the fries and wondered how she didn’t have some extra hands to snatch some fries and another mouth to drink the milkshake. She was feeling quite famished.

Imingo: He slid his hand through his hair, letting the soft red wash over the tips, before he tilted his head, and gave a light nod, lighting the cigarette, and blowing out a trace of smoke, before thinking for a moment, to figure out the best way to slip past the shenanigans, that was taking place inside. One moment it was calm, then it was crazy, then it was peaceful. It was most disorienting. He looked back at the girl, and smirked, seeing that she finally had a meal. Something like that would improve her mood for sure. He took another puff, and waved his hand, blowing smoke to the side away from her, commenting, “I just ate. You better get as much as you can. Treat yourself,” he urged her, smirking, noticing how her mannerisms did change. Still the kid did seem famished. “Good, isn’t it?” he commented, and picked a fry to snack on it, looking at the inn, and commenting, “Looks like it is settling down a little.”

Pinkle: Pinkle looked at Imingo, wondering if she could borrow his hand for the fries but she shook her head in time. Being a glutton is bad, and it’s quite difficult to speak and tell him to stuff her mouth with some fries whilst she eat the pizza from both her hands, she gobbled one quickly, followed by another two. It is quite a sight, there were 16 pieces of pizza before her, all gobbled down in less than thirty minutes time. She felt a bit stuffed, however, the fries was still too tempting for her, and so she proceeded to eat some, slowing her pace down in order for her to be able to speak. “It’s good” She replied to him before continuing to speak. “Have you found any way to sneak past the drama, and arrive safely towards our rooms?” She asked him before stuffing her mouth with fries once again.

Imingo: He paused for a moment, eyeing her gaze at the fries, before he mumbled, “Sorry…” He cleared his fingers and pulled some flame, before looking at her, eating a little too eagerly. That made him chuckle, before his mouth gaped open, seeing how he obliterated that pizza. “I think, now is a good time. If we are quick we can get upstairs, maybe even grab a bottle of water… I think you could order in rooms as well, however,” He said, and looked at her, tilting his head, “Maybe you wanna meet up in my room or I in yours. We could devise a travel plan or something.” Oddly enough his intentions were genuine.

Pinkle: Pinkle nodded absentmindedly, eating fries while eyeing the milktea. “If we go now, my milktea…” She trailed off before glancing at him then at the milktea. “Do you think I can bring the milktea back to my room?” She asked Imingo. However, she surveyed the inn before she continued to munch on the fries, her gaze never straying from it, knowing she’ll probably choke if she eat and drink at the same time.

Imingo: “I don’t see any harm in it. If they get on our case, it is their fault for not making their rules clear,” He smiled reassuringly. Being a shameless traveling student did have some perks. He decided to stand up and mildly stretch, looking down at her, and placing the bag around his shoulder, “Well, I can help you get the fries up.” he said, lifting his hand, and tossing the bud in the ash tray, as he was done with it.

Pinkle: Pinkle nodded as she snatched the milk tea with her hand. “Alright” She replied to him, thinking of how she’ll snatch some more fries to eat while escaping upstairs. “Mnnn, shall we go?” She stood up as she faced the inn, wondering how the inside would look like.

Imingo: He picked up the plate of fries, and gave a light nod, before walking to the entrance of the inn and opening the door, feeling the stench escaping the place, and wincing lightly from the heat inside. “Alright, we go upstairs,” He said, and trusting the girl to follow him, he passed the main area, walking to the said location, and walked up to the room, hidden from the eyes of others. Muffled he spoke to a hobgoblin, “Could we get a room for the girl behind me?”

Pinkle: Pinkle snatched some of the fries while looking around the inn, finding it quite warm and cozy. However, the people arguing and fighting were already gone. She tilted her head wondering as to why and how they just vanished. She shrugged her shoulder before following silently behind Imingo.



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