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Metamorphosis of the Chimera

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It was the first time she’d slept since…. that day, and her mind was completely taken by nightmares.

[In her mind, she was falling into a pit of swirling darkness, and all she could see in the dark surrounding her was crimson eyes. Pairs of them blinking at her. Sizing her up. Korinna shivered, the cold seeping in past her scales, her skin, even beyond her bones.
“Abandoned,” she heard a voice whispering. “He left you.” Hands, all covered in black scales, reached out from that void and grasped at her. The Chimera wriggled, squirmed, and tried her best to get away. Some of them did grab her, though, and she could feel that cold through her scales. She tried to scream, to beg for someone to help her, but the only thing that came out was a raspy whimper. <Stop. Please.> The words echoed through her head, but no words were audibly spoken.
Despite the knowledge that she was safe, the crimson eyes that peered at her from the darkness seemed to laugh at her. Seemed to look through her and point out every last flaw. As she fell through the darkness, she could feel herself /hurting/. She was reminded of the fight that she had been in, and every last wound she had sustained seemed to come back ten fold.
She would have screamed, but as soon as she did, the void around her swallowed the sounds. Korinna gasped, wriggling in the dark.]

And that was when her eyes snapped open, pale blues staring into the sky. How did she end up here? Back outside the cave. She sat up, glancing around. And that was when she saw her arms. There were no scales there, only pale skin. The Chimera blinked, lifting her hands to feel at the top of her head for her horns and small, rounded lion ears. Nothing. Her hands slipped down to the sides of her head, and she felt the rounded ears of a human.
She fought to stand, pulling herself away from the cave. It was odd for her, the wings she generally had no longer there. As she looked down at the ground, hair fell into her face. She lifted a strand of the hair, blinking at the blond locks. It almost looked as it did before. Korinna dropped the strand of hair, pushing the rest from her face. She needed to go. She had to go home. Back to the cottage. Back to….. she shook her head, leaning a hand on a nearby tree. With a frown and eyes that had been squeezed shut, she fought tears away and pulled a small coin from a pouch on her belt.
It was a matter of a simple thought. And she was leaving. Her eyes streaming with tears as she stepped through the portal. Since she couldn’t fly in this form.


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