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She is running, faster and faster now. Her heart pounding in her chest. The adrenaline pumping through her veins caused by a single signal deep within the most base and reptilian part of her brain danger. She was being hunted by someone, no, something! It stalked her right out of the corner of her vision. Chasing her through the back alleys of the sleeping town where there were no eyes to witness this game of cat and mouse. Always just steps behind her, always in the shadows just where here eyes could not make out any physical features. Always there whenever she turned around. The feeling of dread and fear permeated off of her filling the cold night air with a tension so thick that it would take a surgeons scalpel to cut through it.

In all of her wildest nightmares she had never imagined that what was to be a shortcut home would set her on the road to death. She had seen the odd news report here an there. She had heard stories of women in similar situations but always held to the arrogant notion that it would never happen to her. Those were tragic fates held by other people. Surely destiny had not designed such an end for here? Yet here she was, alone and afraid running through darkened trash filled alleyways like a rat in a maze. Her breaths quick, her head light as she tried to push through the hyperventilation to somewhere safe. Some safe haven where she could find sanctuary. Where this nightmare would end and she would wake up in her bed with her cat, scratchy, laying on her chest hoping to be fed.

However this was no dream. No horrid scenario constructed by her subconscious mind. As much as she wished it was she knew in her heart that this terror was real. She falls to the snow covered floor. Her foot caught in an egg crate that had no business being there other than to add to the clutter of her surroundings. Then came the laugh. That horrid sound that brought an unnaturally chilled expression to her normally beautifully warm face. She looked behind her. That figure! That horrid phantom that had hunted her so far! She scrambles to her feet again and rushes forward! The laughing growing louder With a voice that seemed to call the very shadows of hell upon her in chase. Had to get away! She screamed with a primal sense of terror for aid! “Stay away from me!” She cried! “Someone help”! There would be no knight in shining armor to come to her rescue. She was alone.

Run the word played over and over again in her mind! Propelling her towards what must have seemed like the light at the end of the tunnel! The exit from this labyrinth lay just a few more hurried steps away! What had started as a low chuckle now evolving into a full cackle from deeper within the dark of the alley! She couldnt focus on that! Focus on the light before her! Run straight towards it as though it were the light of salvation itself! She broke through the buildings now and stood under the warmth of a street lamp. The horrid laughing stopping as she did and now replaced with an even more terrifying sound. The sound of silence. A sound that crept into her very soul. She had sought salvation in the light. So why did she only find more terror?


She took this moment to asses her surroundings. To try and position herself. She had to get home. She wasnt safe yet. A look was made back at the alley. No man stood in her vision. No phantom in sight to freighted her with its ghastly appearance. No abominable laughing of an abhorrent nature plagued her ears. Had she simply imagined the whole thing? No, she couldnt have. She was not capable of such fantasies. Which meant that her aggressor was still at large. So why did he not come? Had he simply abandoned his game? Was this some rapscallious scoundrel that had merely sought enjoyment out of her terror? Was she ever truly in any danger at all?

She turned in the direction of home. Believing her plight to be over. A sense of relief that filled her very being only to be met with the sound of that horrid laughter once more. A large hand that seemed claws with dirty and ungroomed nails reached forward and seized her by the face. Such massive fingers easily wrapping themselves around the better half of her head and muffling the cry of horror that she released. Then a sharp pain in her stomach. The sensation of cold steel passing through her body mixed with the warmth of her crimson elixir as it spilled to the floor. Her vision blurred. Her body hit the ground, tossed aside like a broken toy. The last thing she saw was the shadow of the colossal fiend approaching her. The last thing she heard was that horrid laughter. One last thought to pass through her head before the full embrace of death. This was no monster. She had witnessed the face of the devil himself.


  1. Emer Setanta 4 years ago

    Now THIS is the Raziel I like to see

  2. Kano 3 years ago

    Lovely. <3

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