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Mikayla X Silver I-The Revenage Of John’s Jealousy

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After Silver and Mikayla publicly announced they were dating, a man filled with jealousy and hatred attacked Mikayla who was the leader and demigod of the Leontine Clan.Mikayla Maine mother soon joined into the fight as well as her grandmother and to top it all off silver eventually joined the fight and then those four torn Jean to pieces but he  regenerated so then Pandora and Roxy and Silver head back to their home Village so Mikayla can recover from her magical power failure (MPF) then John comes back for even more revenge and gets surrounded by The village guards and Abigail who chase him right out the village and John isn’t seen the again because he’s too filled with drama and stress and jealousy and hatred towards Mikayla that he cannot enter her village without feel that

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