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Mikayla X Silver III-Alyssa Diendrath and Senshi Hakisuru Born and Saved

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My Beautiful Girl is Born and I’m happy to be engaged to Silver but I miss My Second Step Father:Senshi Hakisuru..I never said goodbye to him but My Kitsune, Katelyn Xenorian Believes He is still alive in hiding and I shall find him for my sake and Kaji’s,I will find him and once Xavier,Maximum and Diana are born I will find him and bring my brother and Kione back.

But with my massive family, Neptune’s first moon and 3 armies..I don’t know if I can truly get my family back or I will have to risk my life for there freedom..then I will do because I love them.

Broadcast Call…

To All Skymoon and Extended Family..For The Sake Of The Future of Our Villages


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