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Mikayla X Silver IIII-Singetail History

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It All started 234 years ago, When Jade & Bastet Met Blade & Ash although Bastet Met another man and had Raven with him while Ash would go on after having River as a Confused Birth and Ash had Alexandereia with another woman.Once Raven was older she married to Damien Angelang and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl by the name of Relilly Angelang but later Changed her name to Rellily Singetail after her Birth Father’s Death.He had Saved Beth and Alexandereia in the Dangerous Car Crash Of 1985.River and Beth had Twin Girls:Ilona and Ronnie but Ronnie was placed in the hospital due to her comma and Ilona had caught the Illness of 1985.Jordan (The Brother Of Beth) Married Raven and when they dirvoced He took Roxy away to sexually assault her while Jaiden and River had Sarah who Developed PTSD And Depression and got adopted into the Phoenix family.Beth,River,Ilona and Ronnie Died and Rebirthed to have Raven have Pandora who married Roxy,Lizzy and Mary and Alexandereia had Stacy and lost her and while Pandora and Roxy had Abby and Mikayla who married Silver and had Alyssa while Ilona adopted Emily.


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