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Mikayla X Silver Stories X-Birth & Death

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–Log 4–

Date:April 20th 20##

Authorization:Abigail K. Angelang

Company:Angelang Tech Co.

4 filled with Greif and Issues…One Pregnant with her Second Daughter while her Father is struggling with what me and Mikayla think is Bipolar Depression.I lost my girlfriend Jax Hunter in a House fire and it’s strengthened me to move pass my Mother’s Arms and Finally Be able to Call Myself The Older Sister Of Mikayla Pinkadow,which I’ve always been that and Nothing will tear me away from her.

–Log 5–

Date:April 21st 20##

Authorization:Mikayla Leontine-M

Company:Leontine Clan

With The Name Plan Being Altered Sightly,Sierra Hakisuru is on Her way to behold her Grandfather’s Legacy once his Relic Of Power is Transferred From me but that won’t change anything I will still be Demi-God,Although I dunno If Silver and I can still Make Markus Leontine and Xavier Marie but I still wanna help him and Ilona deal with the Death of Emily but Alyssa Diercedrath is My Main Focus but I can Already Detect Clincal Depression and Social Anxiety in her

—-Logs Filed By Roxy Leontine—


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