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Mission Discovery {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 7:Part 1

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Star and Illy would work on a Mission which was codnamed:Discovery, there was a large gap within their family.. unexplained death or disappearance

So from Sept. 17th to Sept. 21st, the North Cap would be searched for whatever was causing headaches to Illy

It was to the middle circle where we found something, there was a river which went to the center, a large shipwreck on an ice spike

There lied a coffin carrying Rachel Thornson who had died over 30 years ago, Jason’s corpse was still there just barely decayed

Rachel’s Coffin read:”X/X/19XX-12/6/20XX”

Jason had likely died 2 years after his sister, due to old age, around the age of 125

The Bodies would be taken back to Jadia Bay for a proper burying, the light years affect would disappear from Illy


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