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Mission Were 106210X {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 7:Part 6

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“Today Hopeswind has found planets for our allies on Cadenziera should our home ever be compromised” Star stated in a transmissioned message to Cadenziera Inhabited Pact Members

Contingency Planets


The Closet Planet to the new two sun’s, it’s a desert and the caves hold all the water in the caves underneath

The Planet has many small rivers and old ruins

Asteroid Falls

The 2nd closest one to the suns, it is halfy similar to what we call “Earth Conditions” and it would be less hit by asteroids

Jadia Bay

This one has goldlock conditions, perfect paradise conditions all around the world so it’s basically a big island

The District Of Issy

Much more into the center, perfect for a capital planet and it has red deserts as well

As well as big rivers and carbon ice caps in the nort

The Republic Of Everston

Mix of all kinds of scenery and eviroments for the big 3 sided family and all its history

However both the poles are black molten rock and snow

Kaylee Shores

A mountain and river covered world with underground caves and big oceans


Almost a complete iceball however the poles are melted and green, they have rings

Nora Peninsula

A full iceball and a wierd core

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