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Modern AU!Azula

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[OOC: This is a profile for a ModernAU! Azula that I came up with it for now. I may do some possible changes. But still, let me know what you think.]

Physical Appearance: Similar to her original self in Avatar TLA.

Relationship Status: Single.

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: Golden.

Profession: Mercenary.

Abilities: Martial Arts, Photographic Memory and knowledge of engines and machines.

Likes: Training, Quality rewards, Pool, Drinking Juice, Casual Outfits/Clothes, Fighting, Kill annoying people, reading, music, Swords, daggers and knifes and spending time in her personal residence.

Neutral: Going to quiet places, dates.

Dislikes: Alcoholic Drinks, Loud places, Guns, People testing her temper, Calling her “tsundere”.

Orientation: Bi-sexual (Though she gears more towards girls).

Type Of outfits: Casual ones, usually from colors such as red, black and blue.

Mercenary Outfit: Black armor that allows protection from bullets to electric discharges. Special gauntlets to display electric discharges and a pair of boots, with special protection for high temperatures.

Weapons: Swords, daggers, whip and knifes.

Background: Once a daughter of a rich family in Japan. But after a serious incident, she was taken by ninjas outside Tokyo. Years of training made Azula to be a great martial artist and fighter. Once back in the capital, she took it’s wealth and makes her decision to become a mercenary.

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  1. Reinhard Heydrich 6 years ago


    “We can make an agreement with you joining…. you’ll have to speak with one of das leaders..”

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