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Moving Time Again..

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Three weeks ago…

Phae the fiery haired druid had decided that she wasn’t going to just relocate from the realm of Rhydin in person. She was going to take the whole region of the surrounding Silvermist mountains and her valley within the protected walls, Roan Oak.

Silmarwen  an elvin friend was going to assist in the transition. Never had something this big been attempted by either of them, either alone or together. Silma had moved a large building, but this was altogether another thing entirely. They had both sat down and drawn out and outline of preparation work. Most of it would have to be done by the druid, not that she minded. With gathered intel from the city of

Twine, the hybrid had heard of wild rogue land called It was on the map on the Southwest landmass. The only other settled area there was called Dawn. As the two hybrid elfs had sat out in the woods to draw, argue and finally agree on a target landing area, Phae finally decided to put the first step of the process into action. The winged fey’ri would spend hours flying around the base of the Silvermist mountains, planting arcane markers into the ground. These were going to be the uproot points that formed the outline of where those dormant volcanoes would be pulled up and torn off the ground. If the plan was successful, it was going to leave not just a deep raw crater, but it would sheer off the cover of the magma below.

Eventually the land should refill and renew. Thoughts of that wild land Thistlemere rolled through her mind. Her leathery wings carried her almost tireless through the sky. Half the day seem to pass as she checked and double checked the placement of the markers. Satisfied she

Flew over the old oaks and giant red trees to land near the great oak. There, silmarwen had actually curled up under a tree to take a nap. Silma’s violet eyes opened as she sat up to watch the druid complete step two. –

Vine runed arms rested on either side of her body, the longsword of Roan was pulled and its tip was delved into the earth. Arms reached up and fingertips sprawled out as if she were finger painting in the clear blue sky. Those vine rune tattoos came to glow with a magical hum of life. She knelt down on one knee preying to the goddess for the first time in a century. Strength was needed as an ageless chant was given to call the forest, to move the Ents. ” You must awaken”

“Come to me” Phae continued to prey, while chanting for the woods to awake. There was an odd yet old familiar old buzz starting to come from the forrest. At first it sound like drums, tapping in the distance, One..two..The ground would shake. Silmarwen’s eyes widened and her fingers raised up:: ” I can feel them…!”

The druid would not raise her gaze up as she preyed for the prayer need be head ‘cross the lot of RoanOak. She could feel the life web and flow coursing over and through being. The calling went further beyond the sleeping to the dancing fairy flying without care by the willows and stream. A flutter of butterfly wings and dragonflies formed masses of dancing colors against the waking of ole trees. Still she would not move from that kneeling position, leathery bat like wings would unfold and flare. ” The goddess hears me and the wood comes to call..” “We move as one or none at t’all”

Silmarwen looked from the hybrid druid and hadn’t ever believed her friend to look so , well animated and glowing. She was a not unlike a neon light of green energy. The vine runes were dancing over the druids skin. Aside from the moment of the mouth and then the extension of the wings, the druid was statuesque. Slowly the grey skinned hybrid stood, violet hues danced to the distance, the trees felt as if they were near
Silma remained steady on her feet and tucked her white feather wings The half avairal elf knew that her role would be coming soon. Still she remained quiet, but the buzz of the forest life overtook her ears. “They are here..close enough..Phae”

All so far was going according to plan. Fingers lifted out of the dirt in with stiffness and coiled up. Her arms would extend up towards the sky, fingertips sprawled up towards the starless sky. Wild red hair blew back in her face. Back arched as feet spread to shoulders width. It was time for the last part of the prayer. Silmarwen stepped up next to the druid. Together the pair began the final step of the land merge.

Phae spoke next to the small pixies and the water and wind elementals, those that had chosen to stay. The waterfall that ran through the mountains and fed the river and underground springs was about to be magically source for the port to Hellifyno. The underground spring beneath roan had already been linked to the other realm. It was going to be a matter of getting the valley through, but here the plan took shape. Silmarwen’s abilities worked through water reflections, ponds, pools, lakes, streams oceans..

With the assistance of the elementals, Phae began to pull the water from the earth to swell it at first in a mass of water in the sky over the valley and mountains. The ground began to shake as the trees used their roots up create channels beneath the forest floor. ” That’s it! Channel it above and below!  Her fingers stiffened as the water began to arc just over the top of the trees, the underground streams would in essence, bleed underground.

Silmarwen clacked the platinum bracers together and pulled her forearms apart. Fingers of the left hand, entwined with Phae’s right hand. The release of light energy was an echo of magic sent upwards to the water glass sky forming now above and below the ground. The ground shook as Phae struggled to close the watery globe. The outer markers hummed and light crackled from the Silma’s hands as the energy inside felt like static energy.

The awakened trees remained still and waiting. Animals scurried under the ents for protection. Many of the trees anchored down the wildlike with their roots. Other creatures settled in the high tree tops, clinging on, only knowing that they needed to hold on.

The water feed off would take nearly 30 mins to complete. If not for the waterfall, the move wouldn’t of even been feasible. Phaeties had to remain in her standing position of concentration to hold the water in its round shape, Silmarwen feeling the bolt of charged energy had ruptured the ground underneath, shaking the plate beneath them, took to the skies with white feather wings spreading, Silma looked appeared like a grey winged drow in the sky. Bracers forged by fallen angel Aegis thrummed with power as she pulled a forestry image to mind. It was the wilds of Thistlemere. Slowly the bubbled island valley began to loose its opacity in Rhydin and phase towards Hellifyno. At times Silmarwen existence streaked in and out of phase akin to a ghost of Erebus.

Finally, as Silmarwen was in the sky, those almond shaped violet eyes could see a greenery and an expanse of water. An endless torrent of green on one and blue on the other. The arc of light within the water globe, gave a hint of twinkle under the new sky. She flapped her wings hovering over all below, pleading with the Avarial Goddess for deliverance. Silma could scarcely make out the cascade of life outside of the walls. Of a sudden the circlet was pushed, and all were sent aground, before the rise of the moon.

The creatures said no word, but worried death was out the dark window of water only separating them from the new realm. The watery walls began to fall, as the druids concentration was shaken. All felt as if they’d fallen and ocean water came up over the sides of the Silvermist mountains.

Ribbons of water wrapped like a gift about the tall grey rock. They had arrived, but had been thrown just off the shores of Thistlemore. Roanoak would be but a spit of a 4 and half mile island somewhere off the coast. The wildlife of the island stilled as they felt the landmass shift.

The last twenty four hours:

Over the course of the last few weeks the magical shield around the four and a half mile island had remained up. No sentient creatures save for its handfull of  inhabitants had gone in or out of the shield. It had remained up through the void attacks almost isolated. On the eve of the planets destruction both of the mixed breed elves had awoken decided it hand been too late to try to board any ship.  However with the shield in place the pair and the unattached island, perhaps had a chance.  

Phae rushed out along to the four and half mile long perimeter to make sure the magical spikes were still in place. Each was reinforced within the rockface of the mountains.  As they had done before, the druid would dip in the sky to let Silmarewen know that everything was in place, even as the dark waters sloshed on the outside of the barrier.  Returning to the center of the valley the druid would land and kneel down. Her tanned fingers would spread out as she preyed to the Fae gods for strength once more. She could hear pieces of thick rock hitting the field over them as the ground was breaking up.  The oceans were hot and steaming out of existence.  Her vine runes on her body once more began to dance in a wild array almost animating over her bare backside. Jade eyes closed and the embued weapon on her back vibrated with a will of its own.  Vines would extend off of her body and reached out like living tendrils into the dirt.  She was going to use all that she had to keep the land mass from crumbling apart.  

Silmarwen stepped up once more beside the preying druid, her violet hues blinked as she could feel the life energy reverberating through the small forest island. White hair fell in cascade down her back. White wings unfolded as she tilted her chin upwards towards the sky.  The planet was being pelted and coming apart at the seams. The nearby forest of Thistlemere  was nearly destroyed. Water was crashing around the sides of the shield as if trying to swallow up the island, leaving no trace of its existence.  Pieces of the planet were falling away.  The island now shook with a torrent of relentless earthquakes. The crust was rupturing, the surface was coming apart.   Red hot magma, and steam were pushing up on the lower portion of the shield.   Silma clacked the hold bracers together once more and raised her  hands up towards the sky. Her bare feet pushed off the islands grass knoll.   The globe of forrest life was jostled upwards now.  She took off from the forrest floor and streaks of hot white light shot out of her fingertip.  Silma opened her mouth as the light shot out of her and her physical form disappear in a while solar flare. Tendril threads of light ebbed out from where each of her libs once were, her conscience energy surged into the magical shield.  They were being ejected off of the surface of the planet now.  There was darkness all around with masses of earth colliding around and into them.  

The old ents had not been awoken, but even their roots loosened in the dirt as the globe of life was shaken and hit with random planet debris throwing them into a slow clockwise rotation as they burst into free orbit of where the planet once stood.  Silma remained up in the air space over the green island they ascended into space, she threw her energy into the shield feeling the bombardments as if she herself were being punched repeatedly.   This would last through the evening hours draining her until she fell from the sky and collasped into a heap of unconsciousness  on the grassy ground.

Phae during this time had felt and seen everything, but her object was to keep the island from falling apart, even through the tremors, the odd rotations, and heat that had plagued the island from below and at its sides.  As the metals in the earth would liquify, she was transmuting clay back to stone and repairing the deeper tree roots from the heat damage from underneath.  Anything that contained wood or ore was also being repelled away from the barrier.  This process with the two elves brought the girls to the near end of their limits.  

This evening the two elves were laying on the grassy knoll of the forest island in space..-





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