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My Lonely Days Are Over

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The jazz club Allison Salvatore owns is closed. They are the only two people there, standing in the middle of a stage, facing each other, holding each a microphone in their hands. It’s just the two of them together, doing something that they both enjoy: performing. They’re not performing for an audience, but for each other. They’re also doing it for themselves.

The song, At Last by Etta James, becomes their song, their first duet together. It is from the heart Elathan and Allison sing, from their souls they love and from their bodies they express what they’ve been meaning to tell the other for a long time now. Those ”I love you” that they finally get the chance to express. In this moment, they finally understand what their relationship is all about.

Allison’s eyes are locked on the Demon, watching him intently as he sings. His voice is deep, powerful, flexible, sweet and raw with emotions, so much it pulls at her heartstrings. She finds herself thinking that he’s not a broken demon. She also finds herself thinking that he sings from the heart, how performing is something that comes naturally for him. She’s amazed at how perfect this man– being is.

”And here we are in Heaven for you are mine at last…” 

They now understand the meaning of those words for they are exactly what they feel for each other.

Elathan lowers his microphone to let Allison continue the verse and keeps his gaze locked on her, his blue orbs reflecting a pure and loving adoration. None of them try to out sing the other. The Demon is amazed at how good their voices harmonize together. There is a connection between the two of them. Their bodies, hearts and souls are in sync. Her strong, beautiful and clear voice rings in his ears and makes him believe she’s an angel sent from above. He watches her as she pours everything she has into the song, finding himself loving how her facial traits tense and soften with each different note. Music is very important to her, and he can only understand because it is important to him, too.

They complete each other.

My lonely days are over…

For you are mine at last…


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  1. Sarah Fortuna 8 years ago

    As the bar tender finally brings me my drink I take a sip, my mind back on other matters. I couldn’t leave my ship too long… I was lucky the flight control officers didn’t take my ship aside and search it for illegal goods. They would have had a field day with all the shit I was carrying. 

    I take a look around the bar again, seeing a few potential customers. My contact was due to meet me here any moment. I was told to look for some big hairy wookie. He was the local spice dealer in this area.

  2. Allison Carter 6 years ago

    At last…

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