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My origin story -please comment and help me get better

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She grew up in Germany, the daughter of Count Heinz Paugh and the Countess Gretchen. The years were filled with trips between their homes in New Orleans, Louisiana, Westchester County, New York, and Bavaria, Germany. Living in America for 2 thirds of the year made her learn English, and learn it to the point that no American could tell she was German. Danielle grew up with an otherwise uneventful life until she was 7. While at home in Bavaria, her father received a guest. Wanting to find out who it was, she hid under a table in his receiving room. To her horror, she watched a woman with blue skin kill her father. That woman’s name was Raven Darkhölme. She would return 7 years later to claim the life of her mother.

After that, she couldn’t bear to stay in that empty house anymore. She lived in her American homes. After arriving in Westchester, she met a man named Professor Charles Xavier. He welcomed her to his home, and comforted her in her time of need. She stayed in his mansion, and he soon began to think of her as a daughter. He eventually offered to adopt her. Danielle realized she needed a parent, and accepted. On her fourteenth birthday, she was talking with Scott when she suddenly began to feel what he was feeling. Her mind was racing. Her most prominent thought was that she finally had a power like all the others. Smiling, she told the professor the news. But she soon after became overwhelmed by it. It was so overpowering that she had to live in her New Orleans home a year to get her powers under control. There, she met Remy Lebou.

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