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My time at some camp and why i hate it

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When i was about 9 i went to this camp. I was happy because I was gonna be there for a week and be away from my parents and siblings. My dad pulls up to this building with kids line’d up outside of it. We hop out of the car and get in the back of the line. After a while of waiting we are able to go inside. We walk up to this desk with two teens behind it. “Hello.” They say. “Uh hi i would like to sign up my son here.” (idk if he said that but let’s go along with it). I tell her my name and then they tell us to the back. In the back they have a room with two people standing with rubber gloves. Turns out it was the check up thing to check my height and size. After that they sent us out of the building. We walk to this big group of kids and teens sitting down. My dad gives me a hug and says bye. I walk and sit down in this group. Well i had no idea they were playing a name game and when it was my turn i just sat there and looked around. Soon enough they went on to the next kid. Soon enough it was time to go. These vans pull up and they have get in this group. They call out our names one at a time and make us form these smaller groups of four. These four would be your bunk mates.  I got put in a group with: a Kid with anger problems: A Giant kid who was very nice: That one cocky kid: And then me: We load up into the van and we drive to the real camp. Well everyone in my van was quick about getting to the cabin so by the time i got out everyone was gone. So since i had no idea where they went i walked into the wrong cabin. Soon enough i found out and walked into the right one. By then everyone got the Top  and bottoms bunks. I had to sleep on the top bunk of Teem who watched over us (No idea what they are called so yeah). We had lunch but after that they drove us to the pool they had. I could not swim (And i still can’t) so as we are standing outside about to go in i tell one of the Teens “I can’t swim.” He told me “Then don’t get in.” See i am a tall dude so i can stand in certain deep spots. So he pissed me off so i backed off. We go in and i just sit on the edge of the pool and wade my feet in the water. Our time is done and we go back to the camp. Soon enough it is time to eat dinner. Well i forgot to say that they had this thing were you could only have one Burger or pizza a day cause it was bad for you but that just pissed me off more. After dinner we go back to the camp and go to sleep. They wake us up…Super early. And i mean just as the sun begins to rise. I’m not a early bird so that pisses me off even more. They have us get dressed and send us to this ball pit thing. Later that day we do this Art and crafts thing. “Oh….Great.” I thought. They bring us to a shack that has tables in it with kids doing crap with sticks and strings. I have no idea what they were making so i just snap my stick in half and mess with that. That night right before we go to bed that kid with anger problems begins to freaks out. And not like just yells and goes to bed like he began to hit his head on the wall. “Nope.” I thought to myself and i snatched my bag and made a break for it. The teens ask “Already Going home?” I look at them and put my bag away and try going to sleep. The day after we play Capture the flag. Well half way in i become dizzy so they take me back and give me plenty of water. Well i was i there so long i missed the game and now they were gonna go get ice cream. Well they would not let me go until i drank all the water. So i drink it all right right before they leave. We get to the ice cream place and i get some of that holy food. We get back and go to bed. It’s time to go home the next day so my dad gets me. “How was it?” He would ask me. “Fine.” Yeah i lied to him. Let’s just say i’m not in a hurry to go back.



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