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My Tragic Fights Within

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December 9th

Dear Journal,

Its Sarah Again,I’m so Annoyed and Stressed with my Father & Mother and I’m only six why Do I have these feelings.I maybe ranting or something but ever since I met my Aunt Raven I don’t see the same kind of mothering type in my mother.

December 16th

Dearest Journal

Its Sarah again,The Village I live in was finally attacked by Aaron Pinkadow and Son,its quite heartbreaking to see this Man Eraze My Mother’s Memory of me and my father and this is when I devloped Depression.My Father Fled with me and my mother in his arms to the one Place  we would be welcomed:Swan 6,Due to the Attack-My Mother was placed in the hostpial and My Father placed me with an old friend:Emra Pheonix who was very caring to me.

December 24th

Dearly Journal

It Finally Happened,My Mother has Cheated on my Father with the Owner of Swan 6’s Daughter:Bone.So like any 7 year old Girl with Depression would,I took in the Fact my Mother isn’t Jaiden Thornson anymore instead its Now a Step Mother:Emra Pheonix.

Jan 3rd

Dear Journal

Its Sarah Singetail-Pheonix and I’m No Longer Sarah Thornson due to My Father breaking up with My Ex Mother.I honestly was Shocked when Emra handed me the adoption papers,I never thought I would get a mother in between my aunt and ex mother and the truth is shes perfect and I love her.

Jan 12th

Dear Journal

My Father is Distanting himself from me and hes now searching for a way to rebirth or relive my Half sisters and Beth Everston.My Step Mother on the other hand has taken very good care of me and I now have decided to study Illnesses and German.

May 28th

Dear Journal

Its Been Awhile since we last spoke,I have PTSD now but my step mother and father don’t know it yet its probaly cause-A:My Father doesn’t speak with anymore and 2 My step mother vanished for sometime because the house we were living in Burnt down

-It was for another 6 years till I wrote Down My Thoughts-

June 1st

Dear Journal

Its Been Six years since We last spoke and My New Name is Sarah Pheonix,I’m an Older sister and I have a Step Father too.Though the Other Night I revealed to my Mother I told them I had the Conditions I had,so I’ll talk in a year

-Sarah Pheonix-

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