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Nacht Reflections

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*She had settled into the shadows of twine as they were comfortable and began searching for the keys in the fold of the shadows she had remembered placing them. Once she had a hold of the key she began to think of Alex reminding her to think of bunnies .. though she was unsure how it would help. She needed to get to Alex’s lab and begin working on the issues of what was coming down the line for them.*

*She had been wondering about this since she felt the loss of Alex. Why was it so important to keep the planet from killing itself or the rest of Hellifyno? What was she supposed to be doing? Also Why her? She had told alex she would help, but wasn’t sure about being a hero. She had been once and all the did was cost her everything she had loved or cared for. So, why did she place any faith in Nacht?*

*She was frustrated, lost and to be honest Alone, Aero was either avoiding her, or He had his corporation to run, not that she faulted him. Lorren was well lorren selfish and out for his own ends. Gilver was a lost and torchered soul .. and everyone kept acting like the state of things were going to be just fine. Playing in this new Hellifyno like nothing’s wrong, but the subtle undercurrent of being off really hasn’t stopped has it? Things that should be there weren’t people that were supposed to be there arent and Yes living and moving forward is usually the goal after traumatic events, but what if it’s just a calm in the eye of the storm?*

*She growled, the frustration only feeding the rage, though it was why she didn’t like to be full of emotions to begin with.* “If this is just the calm before the real shit hit the fan they were woefully unprepared”* beginning to pace and thinking over what she had been told* “ the void was coming, the planet was consuming those connected to it, it started with the plants, now moving onto beings. It was missing something, the planet is, not was, is missing something. The void was destroyed and the tree of the planet is slowly decaying. Which leave room for the void to come back… the soul was just a bargaining piece.” *Chuckling she sat down, beginning to laugh* You counted your chickens before they hatched. The Planet will die, all her sacrifice and suffering was for nothing, winning was never meant to be the goal, Life and living was… you fools”



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