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Negotiations of Twine and Consequence

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Tye Sampson {Consequence}
A rift in reality opens up Just outside the Tavern, in the Merchants Circle of Consequence, and for a moment the fundamental coding underwriting everything is revealed. Through this flashpoint steps a creature, a man, or what once was a man, for in reality his form is more a mockery of life than life itself. Still he animates, dragging dead limbs one after the other, the flesh exposed at his face and hands showing the rot, breached with multiple sores displaying sinew and meat and even bones beneath so that the dimensional nature of his decrepit state is on show for all to see. Despite this, he is dressed immaculately, in a suit of coal gray with finely polished loafers and a blue tie, and when he smiles, those few teeth he still has, are gleaming polished to a perfect ivory white.
Kida Le Morte
*a portal beside the once mighty, now falling apart man opened. Kida stepped out, dressed in a pair of black slacks and white silk blouse. Her purple hair pulled back in a pony tail. And on her feet, black heels. Her usual business attire. Soft and glowing bicolored eyes glance to tye, she smiles little* you look like hell tye.. *she couldnt help but smile wider, still her features are gentle though* so. Where do we begin?
Fwufikins, the Maids™
The maid ling that was under the floor decided to pop back under and observe quietly. The sense of maid urgency pinged Fwuf #741886’s interest, and they soon emerged from a wall partially to check in.
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
“I’ve looked worse.” He smiles that shining half toothed grin. “When was the last time you were here, in Consequence Kida?” He indicates to the city around them. Here in the Merchant’s Circle, there is the hustle and a bustle of a thousand creatures from a hundred races and species all engaged in commerce, trading, buying, selling, haggling. There are merchants from across the galaxies here, peddling their wares, making rare and exotic items of magic and tech available in exchange for produce, artifacts, weapons, and resources, a fair and even trade resulting in prosperity for all. What do you think?”
Kida Le Morte
*she glanced around* its been a long while usually i have my teddies and others come in my place.. *she took it all in, it reminded her much of the market place in twine city. she took a few steps out and then looked back* its busy, but that is to be expected. *taking note of the fwuf she nodded then looked to tye* besides the state of it here, what else do we need to discuss.. the economy here seems barely stable enough to run..but that is why you proposed the council must have other ideas floating in that…brain… of yours… *her voice was light but also a little serious, he was always a respected person to her, but at the same time. he had been gone..and in his absence all hell let loose*
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
He notices the Fwuf as Kida looks and smiles warmly at the creature, a sense of pride almost flashing in his eyes. “I wanted to meet you here, Kida, Lady Goddess, so that you could see what is possible when a city gives up the tyranny of slavery, and truly works to empower its people. All of this, all of this trade, and commerce, all of those creatures hauling goods, managing shops, importing and exporting and cutting deals. Those are all free sentients, not controlled extensions of some greater being, but beings in their own right. Individuals, working together to build something better.”
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
“I mean, look around, even former constructs are being empowered to be their own creatures their own characters. Real and independent living individuals.” He doesn’t directly indicate the Fwuf, but it’s clear he’s implying it.
Kida Le Morte
*she looks back to him* but not all of the world is under slavery tye. you have been gone for a long while. and a lot has changed.. Twine is a prime example. everyone there is like here. there are no slaves, no tyranny. everyone is free to do as they please.. the same with a few other cities. it seems that the problems you state, really effect more of the larger cities and continents… *she would wrap her arms around herself a little as she relaxed* i know many people of this world wish to be free, and if i could remove the slavers and the terrible things, i would. but i must start with baby steps… *she turned her attention back to the market and just watched*
Fwufikins, the Maids™
#741886 refrained from replying. While this maid did have an incredible degree of Independence, they still didn’t understand the concept that being among the other maids would be akin to slavory. Cleaning and eating flesh brought a primal joy to their very being.
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
He smiles, tight lipped this time, but friendly. “If that’s the case, then Consequence would be happy to open up trade with Twine. However, here, we consider constructs to be slaves as well. As long as they are under the control of a single hive mind. I’m not saying that you have to stop doing business with companies that produce constructs. But if that’s the trade or business that Twine is engaged in, we don’t want any part.”
Kida Le Morte
*she frowned a bit* that is only one side, and if that is how you feel we do not have to trade that part. But i have many many other sides to trade.. however. I do have maids employed, so they might be around to help my companies… but i have a goods and food and other commerce. As well as transportation. Portal discs to be specific. *she moved and looked to him*
If i choose to have a maid help with transportation, you can only see them as employees to twine trading co.. to which that is what they are. Employees..
I pay them to help me with my teddies and ogres..
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
“I understand how important trade is to Twine, I’d never wish to interfere with that. But we can’t have enslaved constructs working within the city limits. It’s a law. If you can show that they are operating of their own independent free will, and not the mind control of some far off source, then they are welcome. If not, then you’ll have to pay real, individuals, either citizens of your city or of ours, to help with the transport.”
“We have plenty of individuals with free wills and families that would love that coin.”
“And it will be better used on food and housing than given to a mindless being that is being controlled from afar.”
Kida Le Morte
*she nodded a bit more and looked to fwuf, motioning for it to come over if it was still listening, turning to look at tye* i have plenty of work that i can offer your people here. plenty of jobs, by i have three…generals…of sorts that they would be assisting.. trink, my imp. in charge of the main trading systems. Torga my lead ogre, he is the head of my construction teams, and then ruga, my offense and defense for security. and war.. *she looks to tye once more* with each trade and alliance i make, i need more volunteers who will obviously get paid to work for twine… but, who i use doesn’t exactly seem like another countries place.. if i use maids to help clean up after a construction job, then that is my call isn’t that correct.. yes i will still need more, you people and my current employees can work together. the maids might be a hive mind, but i still tell them what they need to do…
they are useful and helpful. and, are fully capable of doing what they are asked…
your people*
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
“The slavery of Hive minds is illegal in Consequence. But I tell you what. If labor is such an issue that you feel you have to bring hive mind slaves in, then I will personally guarantee that you will have more than enough workers for any project that you need. We have a population of several million here now, a number that has been growing steadily as refugees move to escape from the Golden Plague, and those who fled the warlords and the Giovanni are returning to their homes. You don’t need to break the law to complete your projects. I can coordinate with the sector leaders to ensure you have everything you need.”
“Give me a number, how many workers do you estimate you’ll require?”
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
“We also have specialists, mages, sorcerers, benders, giants, dragons, trolls. Whatever you might need.”
Kida Le Morte
*she eyed tye once more, her face getting more serious* that depends on how much trade and commerce your country needs. if you need food and other things all over your city, then i will have to calculate how many beings that will require… and why do you see it as slavery when i do not.. how is it slaves when they are simply a copied form of the original… like a 3d print… you would shame one being for simply using a telekinesis of sorts, to connect to their copied form and call it slavery…. *she looked away* i have see n slavery tye, and that is not what the maids are at all…
anyone who makes a clone of themselves then should not be allowed in either
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
“You have seen slavery, Kida. But I’ve been a part of a Hive Mind. I was droned to the Mother of Order for years, and it changed me, forced me to give up my will, to become a tool of her desires and schemes and plans. I know what it is to be a puppet on a string. And so do many others. That’s why we won’t allow it here.”
“Especially not when there are good, hard working individuals with lives and hopes and dreams and families that could be doing those jobs. It wouldn’t make sense. Would you have me put half of my population out of work? Perhaps we should have your constructs build them all ivory towers and feed them dainties all day long while they grow fat and stupid while the two or three people who control those constructs take all of the power? Don’t you think that’s how the Giovanni rose? How Plainview rose? How every great evil lord in Hellifyno’s history has risen?”
“When you take away the agency of individuals, even for ‘their own good’ all you are truly doing is enslaving them.”
Fwufikins, the Maids™
#741886 cautiously emerged. It was clear they were hiding nothing of their eldritch visage, seeing as a policy of honesty was currently a big part of both their own political platform and Madooga Co in general. “If I may, Mister Sampson…” There was a hint of a growl in the maid’s voice, not quite animalistic. “Madooga Co’s maids are not merely bound to serve by the hive. I can tell you first hand that when trying h or went offline, we still only wanted to clean and help…and of course, to kill and eat… So I hope your ‘free people’ policies don’t take away from the thing they love.”
Kida Le Morte
*she sighed a bit* i understand your point tye, maybe we can find a compromise. i will still use your people. as many as i can, but i will still like to use some of the maids, its only fair to include all walks of life. and there is not evidence stating that the maids are bad… they may be a hive mind, but if they are created from one, then wouldn’t that mean they would have the same exact thoughts and dreams and hopes as the first maid…*looking to the fwuf now she nods then back to tye* saying they are not welcome here to live their lives… well, that means your council is wrong…
treating them like a monsters
isn’t that what we want to stop.
i can understand the fear of a hive mind, but, what if they just wanted to be here and help clean things up. without taking jobs and life away from the current citizens, then what?
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
To Fwuf, with a respectful nod. “If the maids are freed from the tyranny of the Hive Mind and given free will, then they will be bound to the laws of the districts of Consequence as ordained by its elected District leaders. I don’t believe murder or cannibalism is illegal in any district yet but elections are happening as we speak.”
“I’m not saying they are monsters. I am saying that the mind enslaving them is monsters. I am not saying that they are evil. I am saying their slavery is evil.”
“Power corrupts, and a Hive Mind gives one individual too much power. We believe in freedom and equality here. Not hordes of mindless beings taking jobs, and thus the economy and control of the city away from its individual and thinking citizens.”
“No matter how well intentioned, it’s still wrong.”
“Perhaps Kida, you should consider whether your friendship and relationship with the Hive Mind is coloring your perception of its drones, and the harm their enslavement is really doing.”
Kida Le Morte
*she inhaled a bit and opened a portal, and pulling out her smokes. Lighting on as she looked to him* tye, please do not question my alliances…as for the maids, i will not use them here. But if i employ your people to assist outside these borders, they must be prepared to work with them… and if another war comes along. The maids are a great asset to have when fighting. They do, after all deal with death well. So, if you agree to my terms. And, to which i agree to yours, lets make a deal, i provide jobs and you provide people.. *she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small golden disc* and ill provide more transportation.
Fwufikins, the Maids™
#741886 did their best to hide the personal offense they took to these statements. Despite not being tied to the Fwuf Hive…he was still talking down to the maid’s people.
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
“That’s absolutely acceptable. What our citizens do outside of Consequence is up to them completely, and subject only to the laws of the city-state whose jurisdiction they are in. As far as specific trade deals, as I mentioned we’re in the midst of elections. The various sectors of this city will soon be represented by different individuals from across Hellifyno in a grand experiment of Democracy and freedom. So as the Executive of this government I am pleased to grant you trade rights, however you will have to work with those individuals directly once they are put into power, to develop deals for trading the various commodities they will require.”
“And I must say, I am really pleased we were able to work this out. I know our new leaders will have a lot of needs, both places to export their goods, and items to import which they lack. Twine with its vast portal network is an excellent resource, and I know you will be an invaluable partner to us and them and all of Consequence moving forward.”
Kida Le Morte
*she nodded and offered her hand and the golden disc to him* then we have our terms.. and i hope so as well.. *she smiled warmly to him then looked to the maid and back* and i too have applied for a sector of this city… it would make importing things alot easier.. *should he take her hand she sould shake it then give him the disc* this is the start of a new trade tye.. when will we know who is on the council? The sooner the trading begins, the better…
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
He takes the disk, returning her smile with his own half toothed grin, his hand shake firm, if also squishy and slimy, a slight trail of residue left behind on her departing hand. “I’ve heard that, and I was happy to hear it. You’d be an excellent Sector Leader Kida. I remember you from the days of the old Heroes, and you ere always a brave and true warrior and friend to those in need. As far as the election that is ongoing, it’s taking the people of the city a while to adjust from anarchy and tyranny back to democracy, but we expect it should only take a couple of days before the results are in.”
He turns then to the Fwuff, nodding his head once more. “I just want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I truly respect what you are doing. I’ve been there. I know the comfort, the closeness, the security and love that comes from being so connected to the others, and to the source. And I know how hard it is to be apart. But what you are doing is brave and good, and even if you don’t decide to stay individualized, you are still a shining example for those constructs who do still yearn to be free. Thank you for your bravery.”
Fwufikins, the Maids™
“So long as you understand that I am an exception, not something to be expected. The other maids often don’t do well without the mind…It often gets violent, or worse…just unable to function. I know I tasted my fair share of my kin during the last Disconnection.”
Kida Le Morte
*she nodded again, not minding the slime residue* ah yes. The days of old. I was much younger and more rambunctious. But now.. well they dont call me the benevolent goddess for nothing…. *she looked to fwuf and smiled a bit, she tried to fight for them. Maybe one day they will be accepted for who they are as a whole here. As for kida though. She enjoyed the maids. And would continue to use them. Just. Outside the city limits* now, if youll excuseme tye. I must be off. I have another few meetings to tend to back on twine. You really should come visit soon. Its quite peaceful and serene there… *she opened a large portal as she moved to step in, looking over her shoulder* get in contact with trink once you find out the results..*then she was gone*
Tye Sampson {Consequence}
To Fwuf, “I do. There is a place in this world for constructs. I know that. But there have to be places that are not for them as well. That is the great balance of life and freedom, security and order.”
Then to Kida, “Yes, I can see the wisdom, but it’s the same old good heart and soul. Farewell Benevolent Goddess. And thank you again.”
He gives the maid a wink and a grin, and then he too vanishes, his body falling through a rift in reality that tears around him and then heals without him, and in an instant he is gone.
Fwufikins, the Maids™
The maid took a deep breath, despite not needing to breath. 741886 kept their composure today but the stress of being alone and in a position of importance… 741886 went over to the bar and ordered some ham, a low grumbling growl escaping their lips.

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