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Nekor feline. Planet of cat girls. Press conference.

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Some of you must be wondering where we get out cat girls from. No they are not genetically made or hybrids from a lab. The planet Nekor Feline… This is where the are from. When ALL corp stumbled across this planet we were suprised to see what we did. A planet run mostly by females.. using the males as laborors and soldiers… But we also saw that their population was far too much for the small planet. They were running out of recsourses and were having a governmental collapse because of the resources depleting. 

The planet of forests and jungles was beginning to look more barren while their villages grew into cities and into metropolises. So we offered a solution. We help regrow their forests. Their jungles. We help them find ways to be more resourceful. We introduce them to trade with other planets through us. And they offered an almost unlimited amount of employees. Their original problem was overpopulation… So they have offered to let us hire up to half of their population. And because they have litters… They offered to integrate working for ALL Corp into their society. No they don’t all come work for us. But it’s an option for those that wish to see more than their planet. To go places they couldn’t even imagine. And here we are. On Hellifyno. Somewhere more magical and difficult to imagine than anywhere else in the universe. So thank you Hellifynians. For showing our Nekor Feline citizens the wonders of the universe..

Any questions?

I would be happy to oblige.

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