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Nekos Adventure

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After leaving the guilds flying ship called The Pug Neko looks around. She cant be gone for to long as the tree would grow weaker. Yet she needed to explore the woodlands of this land. She looks back at The Pug and her ears go down slightly. She has never set out on her own like this before. She is growing up so she needs to do this. She shakes away her doubts and takes a deep breath before walking towards the trees. She looks confident and strong and as she got to the woods she stops again. “What is wrong with me! i spend 100s of years on my own and now i’m nervous?” Again she forces herself to take that step into the woods. ”I will do this and i will learn new things!” Finally she gets into the woods 
Neko makes her way deeper into the woods and allows her thoughts to get away from her. She was working on medicine that would work on The Guild Master. ”i hope Kirst manages to make the sweets for it. She is amazing at making sweets that taste amazing” She then thinks of the herb guarden.. its like she is having an arguement in her head over reasons why she shouldnt do this” Zera knows about herbs it seems and so does Mr Lime so that will be fine! ” She then thinks of the tree. how will it be kept? she gets lonely easily. ” Mr kaler and the tree have bonded so hopefully he could help her out. ” She nods her head but still shows concern.
The more she thought about it the more she noticed that the jobs she has are easily replaced. It should make her feel sad but yet she is more happy than anything. She isn’t unkillable so she will slip up and die at some point but to know the guild and tree will be ok thats the main thing. She smiles to herself feeling much better over her argument with herself that she happily moves deeper into the forest. She is observing all the plant life and animals thinking they look so beautiful. She kneels down and digs at the dirt to recieve some seeds for later use before continuing.
As she foraged and took notes of everything around her a dark voice whispers in her mind ”Let me take over. you kept me back to protect those around you so now let me out and let me hunt and have my fun.” Neko thinks on how she is alone so it wont be any harm. She was growing tired easily due to holding it back so it would be nice to have some rest. Her eyes turn black as she turns into a black wolf made of shadow. A loud howl could be heard coming from the forest as the wolf runs off.

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