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New Adventures (part 4)

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The next morning he wakes up and sees that Arnora is still in arms as had cuddle her from last nights activities. He looks at her for a moment and starts to rub her shoulder. He didn’t want to wake her so he just sits there comforting her, rubbing her shoulder.
She would wake up a little bit after him and find him rubbing her shoulders, she looks at him and smiles as he does. “Good morning babe.” She says as she kisses him on his lips “did you sleep well last night?”
“Good morning.” He says in response, he was smiling back at her. After last night he was confident that they had won each other’s love. “I sleep well, I mean you help with that. So what about you? Did you sleep well?” He arnoras question back to her.
She giggles a little at his comments and then she nods “I did sleep well because you were next to me.” She says “now that we have our peaceful sleep we can get up, change and get back to her adventure. I feel so many things are going to happen today, that today is going to be fun.” She says with excitement.
“Well then I guess we better get up… but we could spend a little bit of time in bed. I mean i didn’t give us a time that we were suppose to be back.” He says with a smirk at her. He moves on top of her and he starts to kiss her, moving his lips down to her neck and then back to her lip. He’s hands would move up and around her bare breast as he feels them In the palm of his hand.
Arnora moan as he feels around in her breast and kisses her neck. “Oh… Azriel..” she moans as there body are together. “I guess… your right…” she says with a little bit of a sensual laugh.
She smiles at her pleasure of moans and then he kisses her more. “Yeah I think we have some time… so with that being said….” he doesn’t finishes his sentence as he starts to kiss her. {if this is what love feels like, I want to feel it everyday.} he thinks to himself.
She kisses him deeply and starts to rub his bare back. Things around them started to get heated quickly as the get more passionate with their kiss. “Mmmh!” She starts to moan as she kissed him.
He smiles more and then begins to rub his cock against the lips of his pussy. He lets out soft moans as his cock gets harder by the minute. He sticks it in and hours later of passionate sex, they rest in each other arms. “See I told you we could spar a little bit of time.” He says as he breaths heavily. “Now we can go down and gets some breakfast. Then be on our way.” He says their plans out loud.
She breaths heavily too after the nice passionate sex they had. She rest in his arms a little longer, and after a little bit sits up. “Well sounds like a plan. I literally can’t wait until I show my family… well my mother and brothers to you. My father on the other hand you don’t want to meet.” She says trying not to think of her father anymore then she has to deal with him. She gets up and goes get on her suit for the days journey head of them.
(To be continued)
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