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Immediate action required. Situation code named. “the fox” danger suspected.

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The screen would suddenly display the view from a security camera outside the space station. On screen would be an ALL Corp escape pod with the top half of a blonde cat girl stuck to its window. The pods own footage would be displayed in the bottom right corner. Showing the red haired cat girl beginning to thaw with a look of horror in her eyes. The pod then began its automated docking procedure and was now headed for the nearest open hanger. Moments later the screen was now displaying the inside of hanger bay C-2. The pod was slowly drifting inside and gently landed. By now the thawing process was finishes and she began coughing and crying. A large group of medical staff and emergency support staff began moving in to assist the cat girl at she struggled to climb out of the pod. The camera now switches to the helmet view of one of the emergency support group who couldn’t help but look at the frozen half of a cat girl stuff to the pod. Then he looks to the red head. “Captain Rosie?” They put her on a stretcher and begin moving her to medical while clean up begins removing the frozen carcass. As they transport Rosie to medical she begins hysterically panicking. “It killed Catherine! It killed her! The giant fox in the void! It’s going to kill us all! The fox! It was like god! It has a fleet! We couldn’t handle it on our own! We need to go get Catherine! Save her! No no no no! Please we have to go back!” And she was immediately put under sedation. Further questioning will resume once she’s in a bed and calmed down… If she can. The camera display shuts off and the transmission is played. “Mayday…. Ther-……. Fleet……..  Much…….. Retre-…….” That was all that was received but that was enough. A sigh could be heard from behind the view of the audience before the screen displays that everything just witnessed is now being copied and downloaded. “I need to let them know..” Aeros voice would be heard just befoe the screen shuts off. 

(end transmission)

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